Transform your underdog to a ‘wonder dog!’ Our signature package is ideal for adult dogs aged 10 months and older that are displaying anxious, reactive, fearful, hyper or unwanted behaviours as listed below.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to training dogs that hail from abroad, posses a shelter background and those that have experienced trauma. We are proud to have worked with dogs from reputable breeders as well as working lines and blind and deaf dogs.

An unwanted behaviour cannot exist without cause. Each dog is unique, which is why we tailor training techniques based on your dog’s specific behavioural issues, individual traits and your training aims. With this package, we work together in the comfort of your own home and neighbourhood towards achieving success and communication. Combined with both your commitment and consistency, you will be able to achieve the balance you wish for with your canine companion.

  •  Dog aggression
  •  Seperation anxiety
  •  Leash manners
  •  Impulse control
  •  Off leash reliability and city training
  •  Fearful/ rescued street/ shelter dogs
  •  Understanding, channelling, capping drive and instinct
  •  House manners (including counter surfing, jumping up, guest greetings etc)
  •  Transitioning to a new home environment
  •  Territorial behaviours
  •  Leash manners
  •  Resource guarding - objects/ areas/ humans
  •  Travel conditioning - car/ public transport/ flights
  •  Baby/ children preparation
  •  Husbandry excercises (equipment/ grooming/ handling)
  •  Nutrition and feeding
  •  Urinating in the home


(Fully inclusive 21% BTW, fuel, travel time & parking costs)

- Initial consultation & training of 90 minutes in your own home/area
- 1 x Follow up session of  75 minutes in your own home/area
- A tailored training programme
- 6 Weeks full email support
- Access to The Nero Network: online canine community (includes member discount on future Nero events)

If you would like to work together, please fill out the contact form.



(Fully inclusive 21% BTW, fuel, travel time & parking costs)

- Initial consultation of 90 minutes in your own home/area
- Access to The Nero Network: online canine community (includes member discount on future Nero events)

If you would like to work together, please fill out the contact form.



(Fully inclusive 21% BTW, fuel, travel time & parking costs)

 1 x 75 minute follow up session: €235.00

3 x 75 minute follow up sessions: €690.00

An email summary of the session/s is included. If multiple sessions are purchased, full online support between sessions is included.

*Follow up sessions can only be purchased after completion of an initial behaviour consultation or package.

 Please view our terms and conditions for full details

  •                            * By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions.


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"We contacted Harlie because our young Golden boy Uti (1y 8months) had behavioural issues - he pulled a leash, used to be dominant with our friends and could even bite if he didn't like something. Already during the first session "Harlie showed us several really useful exercises and explained how to train him in order not to be disappointed and not to disappoint him. After that we had our homework - to do the exercises every day (we did it several times per day, in very short sessions - 5 mins each) and we immediately saw the progress! Even our friends were surprised and couldn't stop kidding us that we had probably replaced our Uti with some smart and nice dog. And the most important thing is that we learned that our dog really loves training and learning, and learns so quickly! We've just had a follow up session with Harlie and learned even more, both: the dog and us. If you ever need help with educating your dog, I can definitely recommend to ask Harlie for help. And if my review sounds too good to be true - just contact me and I will show you my dog's medical profile with his vet's comments about aggressive behaviour and aggressive DNA and the dog itself, who is now kind, cute and already quite well educated."
"Our rescue dog Lemmy was afraid of the world. With both myself and my partner not having any former experience with insecure dogs, we asked for Harlie her support. It was the best decision we could have made for both ourselves and Lemmy. He loved the training sessions and his personality has really changed for the positive ever since. By sharing her knowledge and working actively together, we are more confident in guiding our dog and venturing new situations together with a Can Do attitude!"
"Harlie for president! We have been training with Nero Dog Training since and are extremely satisfied and happy with all the guidance we got for our little energy ball, Darwin. He is a smart fella and loves training but he needs adjustments in his arousal level, leash manners and socialization skills. In less than two months the results are unbelievable. His walking improved more in this short amount of time than in the past year. He is a LOT more relaxed, focused and extremely thankful for verbal appraisal. (It’s good to realize treats are not to only way to reward a ‘good boy’.) It is an amazing feeling to have the ‘tools’ to handle all kinds of situations and also to acknowledge that we, hoomans need training even more than our four-legged friends. Apart from personal sessions we can always reach out to Harlie for advice in the process, which is a great comfort. We have a lot of work to do but we cannot have any excuses anymore, because Nero Dog Training gave us everything to make Darwin a Wonder Dog! If you are ever in doubt who to train with, look no further. You need Harlie. Your and your dog’s lives will change forever."
"After trying many different methods, trainers, and schools with our mini pack Ringo and Starr, I discovered Nero Dog Training and decided to give it a try! I am SO HAPPY we did! While one method will work great for one dog, it may not be the same for your other dog. Harlie proves this time and time again! It's like she's listening to what my dog wants, and we get such amazing results! Ringo's reactivity has been cut IN HALF and we're excited to see what the future will bring! I will recommend Harlie to anyone with a dog! Thank you again!"
"Harlie's system is absolutely superb and amazingly effective. Our two dogs, a schnooddle and a poodle, are really benefitting from the insights, the training and Harlie's encyclopedic knowledge and talents. We would recommend Harlie and Nero Dog Training to anyone, with any kind of dogs, problem or otherwise. After two sessions our dogs are already much, much better behaved. Harlie's kind of a genius, she really is, and she's magic with dogs."
"We adopted our 7 year old street dog in September 2020 and quickly realised basic training alone was not going to get us where we wanted to be. A friend recommended Harlie @ Nero Dog Training and we are so happy with her as our coach! Harlie is a bomb of positivity, always practical and bringing diverse advice. A one hour session is packed full of great training exercises, good mix of theory and practical, catch phrases to help you remember and is always followed up with a write up so you don't forget anything. We've seen such great results in just a few sessions and look forward to seeing where we're gonna get to! Thank you Harlie!"
"Sisi is a rescue dog. When I first got her she was so scared of men she wouldn't even let them walk behind her in the street. She was also nervous of other dogs, had a high prey drive, and was anxious when I wasn't near by. In addition, I felt overwhelmed and wasn't sure I was doing the right thing by Sisi. I've had five sessions over a year with Harlie. We started with basic confidence skills for us both, emergency stops, and even trying to surprise Sisi so I could learn how to help her in unusual and sudden situations. One year later, people now stop me on trains, planes, in the park and in restaurants, to tell me how well behaved my dog is. That she listens well and that the connection between us is evident. We still have some work to do but this would never have been possible without Nero Dog Training. I think every dog owner should have at least two sessions of training with NDT. Trust me, it will make you and your dog much happier."
"Harlie is an amazing dog trainer! She radiates positive energy. I reached out to her for help in addressing my dog's reaction to skateboards and rollerskates during walks. She really understands how to communicate with dogs, and was excellent at teaching me how to better communicate with mine. Our training sessions were customized to focus on exactly my dog's issues. Oh, and my dog absolutely LOVED her! Over the past six months I've continued to employ the tips and lessons that Harlie provided, with excellent results."
"Gratefully, I stumbled on Nero Dog Training & Harlie on Facebook exactly when I needed help managing the excitability & reactivity of our very large Bull Mastiff, Rebel. And so glad I did! Harlie understands BIG dogs better than anyone we've worked with. And as importantly, you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients & their pups. She was so inquisitive and empathetic and immediately picked up on the challenges we had been having. And how those challenges made me feel as a fur mommy even before we met in person. In our first session, she took the time to ask a ton of questions to understand Rebel and me and trained me on some really handy techniques to try before our next session. I immediately felt more confident with Rebel on our walks. And in turn, he has become more confident and less distracted by his usual triggers. And Harlie has made herself available by phone & text whenever we stumbled in between. We still have work to do (me & Rebel) but I know we will get there if we stick with the program Harlie laid out for us and I put in the work with him. I can't wait until Rebel & I take part in Nero's workshops with other woofers--Harlie has been warned we will be signing up for ALL of them."
"We had 2 training sessions with Harlie and she is just amazing.  She really took my dog as an individual - not only following rules by the book. With everything she told/showed me about how to get the focus, get control or how to come into the other dogs space she always showed and explained it to me, so I can take this knowledge with me and apply it again and again. I would really recommend a session with Harlie to anyone!" 
"My husband and I moved to Amsterdam 1 year ago with two of our daughters (4 legged babies) they were used to living in a larger house on the top floor with big balconies, all the freedom to express themselves, barking and interacting with all the birds that decided to live on their territory. But of course, freedom of speech was a problem for one of my neighbours here, who wasn’t being very nice about it. We had to stay home all the time as leaving them alone wasn’t an option. The second Harlie came to our house, it was a game changer! We were taught so many things we just didn’t know about. After a year of being house prisoners, thanks to Nero dog training (Harlie, our dog whisperer) we can now leave them home alone, without worrying at all!  Finally we can enjoy Amsterdam, without being a bother to our neighbour. Thank you doesn’t really express the gratitude we have for Nero dog training! But then again, thank you thank you thank you!"