Congratulations! If you've landed here then chances are you're probably expecting or have recently welcomed a baby into the world.

Your dog is already a beloved member of your family, right? So how exactly do you prepare your canine companion for what's to come and tell them you're pregnant?

The path to parenthood is super exciting but can be equally exhausting for various reasons. The last thing you want to be worrying about is how your dog will adapt to the arrival of your little one or leaving it to chance.

Studies suggest a sad truth that many dogs will be rehomed once a baby is born...and we want to avoid your canine companion becoming  part of that statistic.  At Nero Dog Training, we're big believers that prevention is always better than intervention. Our motto of ''train don't complain'' equips both ends of the leash to set canine and human up for success. There is plenty we can do in advance to help prepare our pups for the big changes up ahead.

Our Neronatal package is a one-stop workshop for all things baby and dog. We've combined everything we have learned over the years of working with new parents, parents-to-be and their dogs to offer you pratical solutions to make the transition from bump to birth as stress-free as possible.


Topics will include but are not limited to:

 - Routines, reality and expectations

 - Baby/ dog equipment

 - House manners and thresholds

 - Environmental enrichment and activities

 - Husbandry excercises

 - When it's time: checklist

 - Body language: canine and human

 - Introductions

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Please include: your baby's due date and your dogs age and breed.

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