Our Story

Welcome to Amsterdam’s leading dog training service: Nero Dog Training.

We’re proud to be the first English dog training service here in The Netherlands. Nero has become a household name in the dog parks of Amsterdam, meaning we’re a favourite not only with the locals but with expats hailing from around the world. 

Named after and inspired by an underdog turned wonder dog, we offer a unique service that will guide and support you towards achieving the bond that you and your dog deserve. Whatever your dog dilemma, we are here to coach, educate and motivate you towards your dog training goals. Whether you’re new to the dog dimension or a seasoned pup owner, Nero Dog Training translates that canine conversation.

Understanding that dog training never has and never will be ‘one size fits all’ has served us well. We know through experience that the dynamics of every dog and human relationship are different, which is why we tailor the training techniques specific to your situation. By coaching both ends of the leash in a relaxed, non judgemental environment, both canine and human can thrive and succeed.

Our ultimate goal is to show you how to read and understand not just your own dog but the canine species as a whole. We aim to make you ”more dog.” 

Nero – the original underdog to wonder dog

It all began with a second – hand underdog…

“Dog training is a personal journey. My own quest began when I adopted a larger than life German Shepherd named Nero from the Amsterdam animal shelter. He had displayed aggression towards both dogs and humans and had been up for adoption for some time before our paths crossed. Nero had been evaluated by multiple professionals in the field prior to our introduction, each to no avail.  Once our boy came home, I jumped head first into studying canine behaviour and training. Recording our progress via my dog blog and social media accounts received so much support and questions from around the world that I decided to share my discoveries with other dog owners and thus ‘Nero dog training’ was born. 

Our beloved Nero sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in November 2017. Words cannot describe the bond I shared with my boy. I’m so thankful for all the wonderful memories we made together. He was an ambassador for second hand dogs and helped assist countless canines and owners overcome their fears.  Besides being my greatest teacher, guide and muse, Nero was my best friend and a cherished member of our family. My heart broke having to make that awful decision that every dog owner dreads and I miss him every single day. But my underdog left behind a legacy for me to continue in his name and in his spirit. His passing has fuelled my fire to pursue my purpose and mission, for Nero and for dogs and owners everywhere.”

–  Harlie  (Head trainer & Founder of Nero dog training.)

Harlie – Lead Dog Trainer & Behaviourist

Harlie is our founder, head trainer and behaviourist at Nero Dog Training. With a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to dog behaviour across all breeds and backgrounds, she has a reputation for being able to rehabilitate even the most difficult of cases. Her holistic approach finds solutions where other methods often fail. Harlie understands the human piece of the puzzle is crucial when educating or re-educating a dog and is known for her ability to coach, educate and motivate her clients towards achieving those dog training goals. Her enthusiastic and passionate attitude brings out the best in canine and human clients time and time again!

Harlie lives in Amsterdam with her high-school sweetheart,  young son, dog, and cat.  She continues to deepen her knowledge of cycnology via studying and attending as many dog training courses as possible. Harlie has a keen interest in scent work and obtained her detection dog handler certificate in England with her German Shepherd, Kygo. They are now looking to to learn everything there is to know about tracking and man-trailing!