Dog Training Workshops


 This ULTIMATE canine course is focused on building confidence through play and movement to overcome obstacles. The creative challenges use a variety of every day items to conjure courage, lighten spirits and build trust between dog and handler. Please note: a sense of humour and fair level of fitness are required to participate! Like majority of Nero classes, YOU will be as active as your dog. We are not training the dogs in terms of obedience nor trick training – it’s not that kind of class. Our aim is for dogs and guardians to enjoy something totally different! Expect to experience the brilliance of a bin bag, learn to think outside the box, brave balloons and have a wheely good time! Puns intended, let’s have some FUN!


✅ WHERE? Manege De ruif, Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam.

✅ COST? €195 (inclusive of 21% BTW)

✅ SIGN UP: drop an email over to  SOLD OUT!


Created by Nero Dog Training and Manege De Ruif!
Dogs and horses are both social beings and have co-existed side by side for thousands of years. Nowadays however, canine and equine worlds often collide in a negative manner. Partly due to living in an urban environment, many dogs never have the opportunity to experience the presence of a horse at close capacity. When faced with a horse, this lack of education may result in insecure barking, fearfulness, flight or engaging in predatory behaviours like charging, chasing and biting – all of which are extremely dangerous for the animals and humans involved.
A walk in the woods may present a passing or approaching horse and rider. Perhaps you head to the country for a holiday with your woofer and there are horses in the surrounding fields? Maybe a horse sharing the beach or dunes takes you and your dog by surprise? Our motto of ‘train don’t complain’ supports setting our dogs up for success by working together in real life scenarios and providing both ends of the leash with guidance and the window of opportunity to learn.
For our all new horse and hound workshop, Nero Dog Training has teamed up with Manege De Ruif, a popular riding school and equine centre located close in Amsterdam – and where the Nero training room is located! De Ruif is a household name in the Amsterdam area and boasts four decades of dedicated professionalism and expertise and we LOVE being neigh-bours (pun intended!)
During this interactive workshop, you can expect:
️Individual guidance, advice and supervision from two experienced animal handlers and professionals:
 – Harlie Mcglasson – dog behaviourist, head trainer and founder of Nero Dog Training
 Rebecca Peijpers – centre manager, lead horse instructor and trainer at Manege De Ruif
️ Exposure to horses in a controlled environment
️ Various exercises to build focus to handler with distraction
️ Ignoring stationary, passing and approaching ponies/ horses
️ Dog and horse body language
️ Dog and horse etiquette and safety
️ Q&A with Harlie and Rebecca
✅  WHEN? Tuesday 27th February 2024: 9.30am – 11.30am
✅  WHERE? Manege De ruif, Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam. The workshop will be held in the training room/ large indoor arena.
✅  COST? €275.00 for past or present Nero Dog Training clients. Price is inclusive of 21% BTW, the workshop, refreshments and a certificate of attendance. Price is for one dog and a maximum of two handlers.
✅  SIGN UP: drop an email over to


So, you think your dog has a keen sense of smell? Teach your dog to detect! Scent work is a game changer and is becoming increasingly popular within the dog training industry.

Having successfully passed her dog detection handler course in England, Harlie is more eager than ever to get owners working WITH their dogs to share the benefits and value that scent work brings. It’s a team exercise that requires communication and understanding from both ends of the leash and it’s FUN for canines and humans alike!

During this workshop we aim to address:

✅  Motivation and methodology
✅  Selecting and sourcing the scent
✅  Creating confidence and finding focus
✅  Working as one with your dog

Cost: €250.00* per combination of one dog and one handler. (Price includes 21% BTW, refreshments and a mini scent kit.)* Members of The Nero Network receive a discount: cost of workshop: €225.00 (inclusive of 21% BTW, refreshments and a mini scent kit.)

Fancy joining in the fun? Sunday 4th February 2024 from 9.30am – 12.30pm at our training room, Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam. **TWO SPACES LEFT!**

To reserve your space or to request more information, please send an email over to

*Please note: this workshop is for dogs that are comfortable in a group environment consisting of other dogs and humans. Should your dog be displaying aggressive or reactive behaviour towards dogs or humans, please contact us to discuss our private training packages.


This sell out weekend workshop is back! If your dog is reactive on leash towards other dogs then this weekend workshop was designed with you in mind! Reactivity includes lunging, stalking, barking and everything in-between. Gain hands on techniques, learn new skills and rehearse with real life situations to help your dog in those moments when you cease to exist. Train, don’t complain!
During this workshop we aim to address:
✅ The human end of the leash: enhancing your handling skills and ability
✅ Patterns: recognizing and recreating every day events
✅ Behaviour: why and how dogs react and what we can do
✅ Body language: communication, translation & understanding
✅ Practical application: train don’t complain!
Cost? €325.00* per combination of ONE dog and ONE handler. (Price includes 21% BTW ) Spectators/second handler: €35.00
* Please note, this event is exclusively for members of The Nero Network.
When? Saturday 9th March 2024 (9.30am – 12.30pm) and Sunday 10th March 2024 (9.30am – 11.30am) Please note: Day 1 (Saturday) is a seminar-style event WITHOUT dogs at our training room: Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam 
Day 2 (Sunday) is WITH your dog and takes place at the field in Amsterdam Sloterplas. **TWO SPACES LEFT!**
To ensure the intimacy of the event, spaces are limited. Fancy joining us for an educating, fun filled weekend? Drop an email to reserve your space to:


Created exclusively for Nero Network members and their canine companions, this selection of one day workshops will compliment your existing Nero skill set and take your dog training to the next level. Each workshop is jam-packed full of tips and techniques to help REAL dogs and humans achieve real results, ready for the (you got it) REAL world!

  • €195 per workshop 
  • Maximum of 6 people per workshop


Teach your dog the art of doing nothing! Well-mannered terrace dogs do not just happen, they are trained.

✅ WHEN? Tuesday 5th March 2024: 9.30am – 11.30am
✅WHERE? At our training room/canteen: Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam
✅COST? €195.00 (inclusive of 21% BTW)


Cooperative care and husbandry techniques for vet visits, medical care and grooming. Plenty of protocols to earn your dog’s mutual trust and consent.

✅WHERE? At our training room: Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam
✅COST? €195.00 (inclusive of 21% BTW)


Supercharge that sacred cue! Reinforce your dog’s recall with this fun and active workshop, filled to the brim with effective techniques to help your woof recall every single time.

✅ WHERE? On the field, Amsterdam, Sloterplas
✅ COST? €195.00 (inclusive of 21% BTW)
Fancy joining us for one or more of our wonder dog workshops? Drop an email to reserve your space to: Please include your preferred workshop/s! 


From chasing or herding other animals to intensely tracking a trail, aggressively guarding a resource or scavenging food at any opportunity, the umbrella term ”prey drive” is used to describe many common challenges that pet dog owners face. When we take the time to pick apart the various stages behind this natural behaviour, it becomes easier to understand and work with our dogs to address and prevent undesirable behaviours.

In this seminar style event, Harlie aims to immerse and educate dog guardians in seeing the world from their dog’s prospective. By understanding predation and how canines have evolved, we can help today’s dog rehearse what individually feels good to them in a safe and structured manner.

Topics include but are not limited to:

✅  What is prey drive?
✅  What does the science suggest?
✅  Common behavioural challenges pet dog owners face (chasing/ herding/ resource guarding etc)
✅  Behaviour: how we can train with instinct and not against it
✅  Breed and genetically predisposed behaviours 

Please note: this seminar will be a human only event so please leave your dogs at home. 

When? TBC

Where? At our training room: Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam

*Cost of Seminar: Non-Nero Network member: €150.00* per person (inclusive 21% BTW)* Members of The Nero Network receive a discount: cost of seminar: €125.00 per person (inclusive of 21% BTW)