The Nero Network

You’ve seen it mentioned but are probably wondering what exactly The Nero Network is? As part of the Nero experience, you’ll receive the password to join our exclusive online canine community. It’s a doggy destination for all Nero clients to share and seek experiences as a group of like-minded individuals bonded by one common passion: dogs! Friendships are often formed through our metropolitan group and we are extremely proud of how The Nero Network compliments any of our dog training programmes. This is a bespoke service that our clients find very valuable and rewarding. 

  •  An active community with over 700 (and counting) local members
  •  Unique opportunities to ”stooge” and assist other Nero clients
  •  Life-time discounts for Nero events, classes and workshops
  •  First dibs on Nero group classes, workshops and events
  •  Exclusive training and ”how to” videos from Harlie
  •  Puppy/dog play/ training date possibilities
  •  A safe space to ask questions and discuss anything dog

Primarily based in the Dutch capital city of Amsterdam, we aim to connect NL’s canine community – expats and locals alike! We help each other train our dogs. Is your dog reactive? Barks at guests? Chases bikes? Harlie can request the assistance of ”stooges” – other canine and human clients that are willing to lend a helping paw to act as a distraction during a training session. Many of our members become life-long helpers and you can too! It’s a win- win for all involved: drills before skills! 


(Dog Survival: Ede – the Nero team was made up of Harlie, Kygo and 5 Nero clients!)

This group is strictly for past and present Nero clients. We will continue building the Nero name and legacy that all dog guardians and lovers can be a part of. Let’s collect members of our canine community like trusty tennis balls and help one another unleash our dogs’ potential!

Enjoy and remember our motto: TRAIN DON’T COMPLAIN! If that still doesn’t convince you to join The Nero Squad, have a quick glance at what our client’s have to say about The Nero Network:

“The Nero Network is a non-judgmental group of people that love dogs…We all need help training people to train our dogs…basically It’s positive reinforcement for people and dogs:). I love Harlie’s approach to her passion and it definitely shows in her commitment to us.” – Kathi

“The Nero network is an active non-judgemental community where you can find answers for your current canine issues. There is also a lot of information on toys, feeding, training approaches, exercises and so much more. Apart from that, and in my opinion what really makes a difference — you have the opportunity to meet with other dog owners for training sessions and develop your dog’s full potential. You can also join stooge sessions where you can lend a “paw” developing yours and others dog skills. I am truly grateful to be part of it and give my dog the opportunity to be constantly challenged.”Diogo

” The Nero Network gives me a space to ask questions, without feeling judged or criticised. It can be hard work raising a well-balanced pup, and it is so valuable and comforting to know that there are people out there ready to think along and share their experiences. It makes me feel less alone and it makes me feel more normal . Just knowing that fellow dog owners here are sympathetic to the highs and at times less-highs of being a kind, responsible and consistent trainer to your four-legged life partner helps oodles! And I honestly do not think my little Alfie would have turned out the way he did if it was not for Harlie’s guidance.”Hester

” The Nero Network feels like a great community of supportive dog lovers. Harlie’s passion is evident from the first interaction with her and she absolutely loves helping our furry friends achieve their potential. Couple that with a fantastic network of like-minded people can only lead to wonderful results and great times helping each other out.” Mihika

“The Nero Network is a wonderful community for dog owners. So warm and welcoming, you can learn so much, help each other when needed and even have some laughs! We are super greatful to Harlie for creating such a nice group and feel so lucky to be a part of it.” – Loyola and Luke

” The Nero network has been an incredible source of learning : a non judgmental community welcoming our doubts and questions and helping us to find answers to them. A lot of knowledge is shared in the community on topics as various as food, toys, training tips, and so much more. This shared knowledge helps us everyday to understand our dog better and strengthen our communication with him. It’s also an amazing group of motivated trainers you can contact to train with, even after your « official » training sessions are over.”Hortense

“I had issues with people in other groups because we don’t know each other and everyone seems to be accusing each other of being bad dog parents without any idea. I like this group better because we network more and all have the same amazing trainer so you don’t run into those issues.”Shannon

“I love the Nero Network because everyone relates to the ups and down of training a pup, it feels like we are all in this together. People answer each other compassionately and it just feels so nice to be head and understood! It’s great to make new friends and meet up with others and also have the feeling to be able to help others in return. And definitely one huge plus: no know-it-all judgemental peeps around!”Connie

“Nero Dog Training is a place where I can find back my faith into humans. A place where people truly love dogs and where Harlie is not simply telling us how to command or train dogs, but rather showing us how to build healthy and loveable relationships with them!”Lussy

“The Nero Network is a group of like minded responsible and respectful dog owners that support and encourage each other to have the best relationship with their furry friends. We’re just a bunch of friends!”Olga

“Personally, I really like this group because it connects people who have a very responsible attitude towards raising a dog. I find useful tips on what would be best for my pup, I feel comfortable to ask questions knowing I will get advice and on top of that, it’s a great platform to arrange puppy playdates. I met some people who said they are struggling to arrange puppy dates but with the group I had only positive experiences.” Julija