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Our sell-out Amsterdam dog training class is back for 2024! Life skills class is designed to be fun, interactive and engaging for dogs and guardians alike. All Nero classes are conducted in English and are hosted by head trainer, Harlie. This Amsterdam dog training class focuses on those critical life skills required to live in a city and sets both ends of the leash up to succeed.

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Our new 5 week bootcamp class is kicking off in 2024!

This is a Nero Network exclusive, designed for those seeking a revamp to reboot and renew their training skillset. Nero bootcamp boasts brand new group exercises and games to continue testing and proofing your engagement. You MUST have completed the life skills class OR 121 training to attend!

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Please note, you may only attend TUNE UP TRAINING if your dog has been approved by Nero Dog Training and have completed a private training consultation, package OR the first Life Skills Class.

This differs from our traditional 5 week classes and is exclusively for Nero Network members seeking those all important opportunities to practice, proof and continue their current and familiar training around other dogs and distractions – all under professional guidance.

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With our 4 week specialised course, you and your dog will learn how to condition and detect a specific scent. Scent work is a game changer and is becoming increasingly popular within the dog training industry due to the multiple benefits. Nose work can help relax a dog, gifts them with a purpose/job and encourages a team mindset between dog and handler. It’s a fantastic and versatile activity that can be used to help dogs that lack confidence as well as those who are constantly ”turned on.” It’s FUN for canines and humans alike and taps into your dogs natural ability. That canine sense of smell is a super power!

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This ULTIMATE canine course is focused on building confidence through play and movement to overcome obstacles. The creative challenges use a variety of every day items to conjure courage, lighten spirits and build trust between dog and handler. Please note: a sense of humour and fair level of fitness are required to participate! Like majority of Nero classes, YOU will be as active as your dog. We are not training the dogs in terms of obedience nor trick training – it’s not that kind of class. Our aim is for dogs and guardians to enjoy something totally different!