Nero Dog Training Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering Nero Dog Training to assist you with training your best friend. Please take a moment to review our terms and conditions and familiarise yourself before booking. These rules are applicable to each and every Nero Dog Training client to ensure clear and fair expectations.

After years of working with dogs and owners, we know that clear communication and rules of engagement make for the best learning experience.

Nero Dog Training Booking Policy:

• All prices offered are inclusive of 21% BTW.

• Fuel and travel costs are included in the price.

• Parking costs are included in the price.

• If you are a multi-dog household with more than one dog, an extra charge of €100.00 per dog per booking will occur. This will include an individual observation of each dog plus an extended training programme if purchasing a package. The consultation will be extended by *up to* 30 extra minutes in duration.

• Upon receiving your request, we will offer you the next available dates via email. Once agreed, you will receive a payment link/ transfer details for cost of service/s.

• Once payment is received, an invoice will be sent.

• Payments for training services must be made within 48 hours of booking. Payment confirms your booking. If payment is not received within 48 hours then Nero Dog Training reserves the right to offer the appointment/space to another client.

• It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they attend on the correct date, time, place or online platform for training sessions.

• Due to the nature of dog training and our packages, follow up appointments should be held approximately two weeks later and no more than one calendar month after the initial meeting. This is to maximise potential for success.

• Follow up appointments must be completed within 3 months of the initial consultation.

• Follow up appointments will expire 3 months after the initial consultation.

• All training and rehabilitation services provide individual tuition in a relaxed, nonjudgemental atmosphere. The aim is to be educational, fun and rewarding for both dog and owner.

• Nero Dog Training has no restriction on the number of family members that may attend training sessions.

• Children are welcome and actively encouraged to attend sessions, however a parent or guardian must accompany young people under the age of 16. If young children are attending, please ensure there is a second responsible adult to assist so we can maintain focus on our training session.

Nero Dog Training Cancellation Policy:

• In the event of a training session being cancelled, the client must contact Nero Dog Training at least 24 hours prior to the commencement of the appointment. Failure to do so will result in the session being classified as a missed training session.

• All services offered by Nero Dog Training are strictly not refundable. We will however, offer the options of rebooking at a later date convenient for both parties if complying with the terms and conditions stated.

• Alternative dates for training sessions will not be offered in the event of non compliance with the terms and conditions stated.

• It may be necessary to cancel training sessions due to bad weather, temperature and/or government/national advice. This will be viewed as a postponement with the session being re-booked at a later date that is convenient for both parties. The safety of our clients and their dogs remains our paramount priority at all times.

• Price advertised at time of booking applies.

• Should Nero Dog Training need to cancel your appointment, you will be offered to rebook at a later date.

Nero Dog Training Missed Training Sessions:

• There is strictly no reimbursement for missed training sessions.

• Missing a training session does not entitle you to a refund or replacement session, regardless of how many sessions missed.

• In the event of a training session being postponed in accordance with the 24 hour grace period, options for rescheduling will be offered at a time suitable for all parties.

• In the event of surrendering or rehoming a dog who is participating in training, remaining sessions will not be reimbursed, regardless of how many sessions remain.

Nero Dog Training Group Training Policy: This includes group classes, workshops and events:

• Vaccination/ Titer: Dogs attending our classes need to be up to date with the standard vaccination schedule or titer tested. By registering, you confirm that your dog will be at least 12 weeks of age at the time training begin and are up to date on their vaccination schedule.

• You declare your dog is not aggressive towards humans and other dogs.

• Bitches in heat *might* be permitted to attend group classes depending on the situation and stage of cycle. This is decided on a case by case basis. Please contact Nero Dog Training for more information.

• You acknowledge that you are aware and confirm the dates, time and location of the classes/ workshop or event.

• Please arrive 5 minutes early to group trainings. Disruptions due to lateness of participants interrupts the learning of other members of the group.

• Your place on a Nero Dog Training class, workshop or event is confirmed once you have received an email confirming that your registration is complete.

• Once you have reserved a place, this spot is not refundable. We recommend you read our terms and conditions carefully before making payment.

• When you book a place on a course, you are committing yourself to the following: The date, time, duration, location and price of the classes/ workshop or event.

Nero Dog Training Missed Classes:

• Missing a class, workshop or event does not entitle you to a refund or catch-up lesson, regardless of how many lessons missed.

• In the event that a dog be deemed to have behavioural issues, the client and dog will be asked to leave the class and all future pre-paid classes.

• We do not send written summaries of any missed classes. We are however, happy to give you some pointers of exercises from the previous class if you arrive early to the following class as agreed by Nero Dog Training.

• Nero Dog Training reserves the right to cancel classes under certain circumstances as mentioned above in the Nero Dog Training Cancellation Policy. You will be informed in advance and automatically receive a replacement lesson. A delayed end date does not entitle you to reimbursement. We will, of course, endeavour to keep changes to a minimum. Exclusion From Group Class

• In the event that you have withheld a behaviour problem, Nero Dog Training reserves the right to exclude your dog from the group class and future group classes. This will not result in a refund for the remaining classes of the course.

• If you are uncertain about your dog’s behaviour and if a group environment would be suitable, we suggest booking a Nero Dog Training initial consultation or package to reduce the financial risk.

• If you decide to discontinue the group class, you are not entitled to a refund.

Confidentiality of Nero Dog Training Clients:

• All customer records and information is kept in the strictest of confidence and is not shared with any third party.

• Thank you to all our customers for their continued support. We welcome any suggestions or comments to help improve our customer experience.

Nero Dog Training Guarantee: No guarantee:

• The results of training are entirely dependent on the owner’s capability to commit and be consistent with the training programme and professional advice given. Failure to comply may result in behaviours remaining unchanged.

• We work with people that want to work with their dogs to achieve their goals. We pledge to give you the very best of our knowledge, expertise, guidance and support.


• Nero Dog Training strives to offer safe, dog and human friendly advice, interactions and interventions.

• A dog’s behaviour remains the owner’s solo responsibility.

• Under no circumstances does Nero Dog Training accept liability for damage or injury caused by your dog’s behaviour, be it in our presence or absence.

Shadow Students:

• If you agree to a shadow student potentially attending your training session/s via the contact form, Nero Dog Training will email you to inform you if this is the case.

• All shadow students attending Nero Dog Training private sessions or Nero Dog Training group classes do so completely at their own risk.

• All shadow students must adhere strictly to instructions given by Nero Dog Training.

• Shadow students  confirm they are of good physical health.

• Under no circumstances does Nero Dog Training accept liability for damage or injury to any persons shadowing, be it in our presence or absence.

Concierge Training:

• Concierge training is intended to compliment any given training programme by Nero Dog Training.

• The client must be able to greet Nero Dog Training at the time of the appointment.

• Under no circumstances does Nero Dog Training accept liability for damage or injury caused by your dog’s behaviour, be it in our presence or absence.

Corona Update:

Due to the pandemic, we must always adapt our group services according to the RIVM guidelines. These are to be strictly followed by all participants and will be enforced throughout the class, workshop or event if and when government guidelines are in place.

 • 1.5 Meter social distancing will be in place as per government advice.

• You agree and confirm that you are of good health if attending classes, workshops or events. Should you feel unwell, please contact Nero Dog Training in advance and DO NOT attend class. We recommend you to follow the guidelines given by RIVM in how best to move forward for your own safety and the safety of others. The ‘Nero Dog Training Missed Classes’ conditions will still apply.

• We ask you to bring hand sanitiser and gloves if possible, to maintain the highest possible level of hygiene. We will have a limited amount of resources available.

• All training exercises have been adapted to suit the guidelines.

• Should your dog be used for demo purposes, Nero Dog Training (if given permission from the handler) will use their own leash/ equipment to handle the dog.

• Face masks are welcome but not required unless specified by government guidelines.

• Maximum number of participants will apply guided by the latest government guidelines.

• All group classes, workshops and events are subject to change depending on the guidelines issued by RIVM. Due to the unpredictable nature of the global pandemic, we plan as best we can but must abide by the government guidelines at all times. Should a class, workshop or event be cancelled due to government guidelines increasing, all participants will be informed in advance and automatically receive a replacement lesson/s once it is permitted to do so. A delayed end date does not entitle you to reimbursement.