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What services do we offer?

Dealing with a dog dilemma? From aggression to anxiety, house manners to a reliable recall we coach both ends of the leash to transform unwanted behaviour and bring you and your dog back to balance. Whether you’re new to the doggy dimension or a seasoned pup owner, we can show you how to have that canine conversation. You are welcome to come to us at our training room located in Amsterdam OR we come to you in the comfort of your own home.

Pup problems? Nero Dog Training targets all those typical issues you are faced with when raising a young woofer. Learning how to communicate with your dog is crucial and puppies and precedents go paw in hand. Building solid foundations and fundamentals early on will set you and your new best friend up for a lifetime of success. You are welcome to come to us at our training room located in Amsterdam or we come to you in the comfort of your own home. You can also check out click here for details of our Nero Dog Training puppy class.

Fancy some fun with your dog? Our well known workshops welcome dogs of all abilities, age and breed. With awesome activities, lots to learn and a sprinkle of British banter, we know you and your four-legged friend will enjoy our classes, one day events and weekend workshops!

About us

Harlie is our founder, head trainer and behaviourist at Nero Dog Training.

Nero Dog Training was inspired by Harlie’s own ‘underdog to wonder dog’ story. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to dog behaviour across all breeds and backgrounds. With a solid reputation for being able to rehabilitate even the most difficult of cases, her holistic approach finds solutions where other methods often fail.

She understands how crucial the human piece of the puzzle is when educating or re-educating a dog and is known for her ability to coach, educate and motivate her clients towards achieving those dog training goals. Harlie’s enthusiastic and passionate demeanour brings out the best in canine and human clients time and time again!

If you’re ready to learn how to speak dog, get in touch!

What our clients have to say

“Harlie is an absolute star! I honestly could not imagine a better dog-training experience. As a first-time dog owner, I really wanted some guidance on how to communicate with my new pup, and Harlie absolutely over-delivered. She tailors the experience to YOUR dog and shares loads of theory so I really felt like I could keep going on my own even after our training sessions ended. I would wholeheartedly recommend her to any dog owner! Oh, and the Nero Network community she has built is an INCREDIBLE value-add. You can ask questions and crowd-source advice from other dog owners, and Harlie shares fun “challenges” to keep up your training game. It’s awesome!”
“Harlie arrives like a punk rock Mary Poppins. An infectious energy and a bottomless bag of tricks. Though really it’s not tricks at all—it’s well-researched, science-based training techniques. She can look at any dog, yes your (impossible?) dog too, and know exactly which technique to try. Should you ask a question, she will happily provide a wealth of knowledge on why it works; and if it doesn’t, what might instead. There is no cookie cutter solutions or copy paste answers with Nero Dog Training. Harlie will help you to train your dog, for who she or he is — or could be one day. The Underdog package was perfect for our anxious rescue from Spain. We now have a holistic and practical plan to succeed. Fully worth it and would recommend to everyone.”

Harlie from Nero Dog Training is the best thing that happened to our relationship with our dog. Knowing how awesome she is, we called her as soon as we adopted our dog and started building our new relationship with the best foundations. Our doggie is the happiest and so are we. We even made with her another extra course and are excitedly waiting for new ones. We trust Harlie with closed eyes and can (and will) recommend her to anyone. If you have any doubt about it, get her to meet your dog and you will see immediately what I mean. She has a gift, her connection and knowledge of dogs is just amazing. We put only 5 starts because we are not allowed to put more!


Harlie is absolutely amazing. She knows everything! Our lovely little rescue dog responded so well to everything we were taught. The whole family was involved in the training, and Harlie made it all really fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the gift that every dog – and dog owner – needs.


Harlie is amazing. We do both group puppy class and 1:1 sessions with our 3 month old puppy. We love her training method because it focuses on ‘real life’ situations taught in a controlled environment. We start from the basic ideas and progressively apply it in different scenarios that mimic real life, such as not picking scraps off the floor or coming back to us on command even if she is playing excitedly.

Harlie prepared a great starter pack for us as part of the private lessons, a detailed document explaining all the behaviours we could instil in our puppy, as well as creative methods we could use to teach them. In each session she shows us how to perform the command with our pup, and then gives plenty of advice when we try in regards to timing etc.

Harlie’s genuine love for animals shows and brings out the best in the puppies!
It is very clear that she has a comprehensive understanding of each dog breed and really tailors the training to that breed’s nature and personality, as well as the specific dog owners lifestyle. Harlie is also not only very knowledgeable about dog behaviour, but also canine nutrition which has been a big help for us as our puppy has developed some allergies.

Harlie is fun to work with and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of training daily. All in all, with Harlie’s support we have a happy, well balanced and obedient puppy.


Harlie is a fantastic trainer! We have now completed both the puppy training(a must for new pup owners) and the 1:1 training. She listened to all our concerns with Marmite and was able to give us tailored advice that was specific to our little pup. He has come on leaps and bounds since we started working with her. She is so experienced in what she does, you always feel in safe hands when she is there. She gives out the most comprehensive training plans around and whenever someone tells us how well behaved our pup is we tell them it’s down to our kickass trainer. Could not recommend her highly enough!!!


I am super happy that we choose Nero Dog Training instead of a regular dog school because we got to tackle the behaviour issues of our new rescue dog as well as teach basic obedience in a personalized way. Harlie is an amazing person and super passionate about her work. She responds to emails and messages quickly and gives lots of homework to do. Training sessions are really positive and the network Harlie has created is a really great place to share, learn and get to meet new people and their doggies. Harlie helped our new rescue dog become more settled, trained and confident as well as taught us – new dog owners to be good guardians. Very recommended!


Our rescue dog Lemmy was afraid of the world. With both myself and my partner not having any former experience with insecure dogs, we asked for Harlie her support. It was the best decision we could have made for both ourselves and Lemmy. He loved the training sessions and his personality has really changed for the positive ever since. By sharing her knowledge and working actively together, we are more confident in guiding our dog and venturing new situations together with a Can Do attitude!


Could not recommend Harlie enough. We had gone to some puppy training classes for our German Shepherd at 3 months old but we just didn’t feel like either us nor our dog was really progressing. We found Harlie a few months later and wow! Harlie shared SO much valuable and interesting tips and knowledge. Since then we’ve been to Harlie’s group classes and had another 1 on 1 session and thanks to those, we really have a lot more understanding on how to speak our dog’s language, and confidence on how to get the results we are looking for. We’ve taught our German Shepherd to loose-leash walk, not to launch at other dogs & keep her calm in stressful situations, how to stay on her mat at home when guests come in…. Our relationship with our dog as a result of Harlie’s valuable expertise is wonderful!


My husband and I moved to Amsterdam 1 year ago with two of our daughters (4 legged babies) they were used to living in a larger house on the top floor with big balconies, all the freedom to express themselves, barking and interacting with all the birds that decided to live on their territory but of course freedom of speech was a problem for one of my neighbours here, who wasn’t being very nice about it. We had to stay home all the time as leaving them alone wasn’t an option. The second Harlie came to our house, it was a game changer! We were taught so many things we just didn’t know about. After a year of being a house prisoners, thanks to Nero dog training (Harlie, our dog whisperer) we can now leave them home alone, without worrying at all! Finally we can enjoy Amsterdam, without being a bother to our neighbour. “Thank you” doesn’t really express the gratitude we have for Nero dog training! But then again, thank you thank you, thank you!


Harlie is an amazing trainer. We have a cute but naughty Norfolk terrier (aka Gimli) who was listening to no one but himself. He was extremely independent and stubborn. She has helped us as we are expecting a baby. With the tips and exercises that she suggested us, we realised that Gimli is really trainable and he started to listen to us. Harlie is focusing both general problems and also specific behavioural problems that your dog has. She provides a report, which is tailor-made for your dog, full of what you should/should not do with the reasons/tips/exercises. We totally recommend Harlie.


Harlie is not only very friendly, she really knows what she’s doing! Without ever making us feel judged, she managed to make our dogs respond to commands in an hour while we had given up on teaching them anything else on account of them being stubborn! Our two female dogs were fighting and we were very scared of how the situation would evolve but Harlie gave us the tools to solve the situation and two months later we are happy to say that they are playing together again! I can’t thank her enough.


We adopted a 9-month-old rescue Kokoni from Cyprus and decided to get him settled into his new home with support from Harlie and Nero Dog Training. We weren’t sure what kind of challenges and struggles would come with a rescue, so we definitely didn’t want to be alone on that journey.

It was the best decision to have her visit us only a few days after his arrival so we could start off on the right paw. She gave us amazing advice on how to kick off training with the basics, and how to communicate with our little pup. She immediately had a connection with him, making training easy and fun with her bubbly and outgoing personality.

Not only did she help Waldo with his start into his new life, but also gave us confidence to continue training by ourselves and believe in us and trust our intuition when it comes to understanding him. Now we are having tons of fun training him and seeing him learn and grow to be the best dog we could wish for! With the Nero Network she also established a super helpful community for her clients in and around Amsterdam, helping with puppy play dates and any other issue that might come up. Highly recommend her and Nero Dog Training!


We got our first dog last year and contacted Harlie and Nero Dog Training to help us with all the challenges we assumed would come. We’ve done 1-2-1 and group trainings, and it’s done absolute wonders. We’ve seen from others in the Nero Community that she can solve existing issues brilliantly, but it’s also been great for us to have guidance and support to prevent issues occurring. With Harlie we’ve learned how to communicate with our canine, what type of training is key and develop a mutually loving relationship with our dog – a proud Nero graduate!


We found Nero Dog Training through a Facebook recommendation and loved every second of our training! Harlie is super energetic, enthusiastic and colourful. She really knows how to train a pup, grab a dog’s attention and keep it during a whole session. Her training notes are very valuable and tailor-made which we found useful as it is very hard to find all in one. Thanks Harlie! Looking forward to follow ups and more Nero courses!


Harlie’s system is absolutely superb and amazingly effective. Our two dogs, a Schnoodle and a Poodle, are really benefitting from the insights, the training and Harlie’s encyclopedic knowledge and talents. We would recommend Harlie and Nero Dog Training to anyone, with any kind of dogs, problem or otherwise. After two sessions our dogs are already much, much better behaved. Harlie’s kind of a genius, she really is, and she’s magic with dogs.


“Harlie’s enthusiasm for helping humans learn how to read and communicate with our four legged friends is infectious! Our dog Melvin is on his way to becoming our Serbian rescue ‘Wonderdog’. Thank you so much Harlie!”


I never thought my rescued Greek dog Bella would be comfortable with other people or that she is so smart and eager to learn! Nero Dog Training is the best thing happened to Bella and to me. I never knew how to react to people or to Bella when she was scared. Now I now how to react, but also know how to improve her training skills. I owe Nero Dog Training a lot!


Harlie is amazing. She has great experience and teaching skills. She listens to what you need and helps you with the issues so that they can be fixed. Our Great Dane Zeke totally loves her.


Even before we got our dog, I had been following dog groups obsessively over Facebook and Harlie’s name and her training program kept coming up. And well before we even decided on adopting Luna, I got in touch with her to ask some questions and do some planning. As we weren’t considering a young puppy, I knew we would need all the help we could get!

Harlie was helpful from the word go and as the day drew closer to when Luna would arrive, we were able to stay in contact with nothing but positive responses.

Our first training session was awesome, albeit initially scary for us.. and probably Luna too. After that, we were able to stay in touch with Harlie as she supported us through all the little teething issues we had helping Luna settle in. By our second training session, it was incredibly rewarding to see our progress and going so far as making new friends with another dog and his parents in the neighbourhood!

We’ve even joined Harlie and the Nero Dog Training group for trainings in Haarlem, pushing Luna and I to go exploring outside of our comfort zone and neighbourhood. And we did it with huge smiles after the initial wobbly legs getting on buses, lifts and huge bridges!

Thank you Harlie for your love, care and guidance, Luna is a happy doggo growing more confident every day because of time we’ve spent together.

You’re a superstar and I can’t wait until we meet Kygo!


After trying many different methods, trainers, and schools with our mini pack Ringo and Starr, I discovered Nero Dog Training and decided to give it a try! I am SO HAPPY we did! While one method will work great for one dog, it may not be the same for your other dog. Harlie proves this time and time again! It’s like she’s listening to what my dog wants, and we get such amazing results! Ringo’s reactivity has been cut IN HALF and we’re excited to see what the future will bring! I will recommend Harlie to anyone with a dog! Thank you again!


I reached out to Nero Dog Training for my 8 months old high energy Stabyhoun mix pupper, and I am so glad that I did! Harlie is simply a wonderful person, both to dogs and to their owners. She knows what makes us tick and what doesn’t, and she’ll adjust her programme accordingly. She doesn’t rigidly stick to one method or the other, but instead looks at what is needed and mixes it up, which I found very refreshing. I loved that she went outside with me on a walk to see my dog’s behaviour in action – it really allowed for hands on training, which was great.

Also, if at any point further help is needed during the training programme, in between the two appointments or after, she’s just a whatsapp or email away, and if it’s too long to write down she’ll just send you a voice message which was just what I needed to get focused again!

The fact that she charmed the pants off of my kids, who now refer to her as “the really enthusiastic English lady”, gets points in my book too! She gave my 11 years old daughter (who often gets overwhelmed by our dog) some really useful pointers to teach her to stand her ground and they worked almost immediately – my daughter is much more confident with the dog now and the dog knows what to expect.

My pup and I still have a way to go, but if – like me – you have a bouncy, overly enthusiastic ball of fur that really needs to learn how to control his impulses and generally calm down and listen (or any other dog really), Harlie is your go-to trainer. Highly recommended!


At first I was a bit sceptical about hiring another trainer, since previous experience didn’t solve our problems completely. But when Harlie approached me offering help with Wunia’s separation anxiety that we were struggling for a long time I felt like this is a way to go. When we met in person for the training session I was amused by her positive energy, I liked her very professional approach and at the same time relaxed atmosphere she created. She is very confident about what she’s doing and it really works! Detailed training programme and general tips were just what we needed to communicate better with our dog. Already after several days we saw progress and later on the connection between us three improved. Still there is a lot to work on, as it turned out there are many little details adding up to the main issue, but now we know what to do and we can always contact Harlie in case if doubt. I am very happy we found her!


Harlie doesn’t only train your dog but she is amazing at coaching the dog owner. I had trouble trusting my dog off leash because of his dominance and Harlie managed to change all that. He now plays with other males being a dominant male himself and all who know him see the difference. Harlie taught me to better understand my dogs language and I can now communicate with and understand Asura much better. Asura went from underdog to wonderdog thanks to you Harlie! We are grateful! 


Great experience with Nero training. We moved to the central of Amsterdam, next to Dam Square from the country side of France where my Doberman grew up with space and freedom, rarely on leash. We had absolutely no control of her on leash. It was a constant battle of who’s the boss. We signed up for her leash training with Harlie, sweet girl who has a great passion and knows her sh*t. Super fun to work with, she gave us the right tips and great follow up. She was checking on us every couple of few days! Finally, we made it, after about 5 months! It was long but we did it! She is one stubborn girl! Now I have her in control at any time, even off leash. Huge thanks to Nero Training! Couldn’t do it with you!


Harlie – she is a really enthusiastic and dedicated coach, she has giving us plenty of good training and behavioural tips for our little Romeo and we are amazed about the progress we are doing all together. We can not thank Harlie enough for her support and we will recommend her to all dog owners.


After several disappointing experiences with other dog trainers I became quite sceptical but decided to give it one last shot. Happy I did. Harlie helped me see through the conflicting opinions of other trainers and settle on a method that simply makes sense. More importantly, we spent time out in the park during our first session where she showed me how to handle my dog’s reactive behaviour in practice. She is full of positive energy and is just such a nice and supportive person, able to listen and work WITH the owner. Can’t recommend Harlie enough!


If you don’t hire Harlie as your dog trainer, you’re simply crazy. By chance I stumbled upon Harlie through a simple Google search and she has changed my life! She is most probably the best dog trainer in The Netherlands that continues to hold a close relationship with her clients. While my puppy is still young, I can imagine I will be going back to harlie over and over again to make sure he stays well behaved as he grows older!

Selina and Baxter – BEAGLE MIX

Although we already had quite some experience with dogs, we did need some help/advice with our new pup as every dog/breed is different. Harlie gave us tips, hands on advice applicable to our personal situation and with just two sessions we already saw a great difference/improvement with our pup. She’s very open, approachable, knowledgeable and just loves animals, which is all you need in a trainer!


Gratefully, I stumbled on Nero Dog Training & Harlie on Facebook exactly when I needed help managing the excitability & reactivity of our very large Bull Mastiff, Rebel. And so glad I did! Harlie understands BIG dogs better than anyone we’ve worked with. And as importantly, you can tell she genuinely cares about her clients & their pups. She was so inquisitive and empathetic and immediately picked up on the challenges we had been having. And how those challenges made me feel as a fur mommy even before we met in person. In our first session, she took the time to ask a ton of questions to understand Rebel and me and trained me on some really handy techniques to try before our next session. I immediately felt more confident with Rebel on our walks. And in turn, he has become more confident and less distracted by his usual triggers. And Harlie has made herself available by phone & text whenever we stumbled in between. We still have work to do (me & Rebel) but I know we will get there if we stick with the program Harlie laid out for us and I put in the work with him. I can’t wait until Rebel & I take part in Nero’s workshops with other woofers. Harlie has been warned we will be signing up for ALL of them!


Harlie has been such an amazing support for us and our little dog. Always on hand to give advice even before we signed up for the puppy package. We’re excited to see her develop. A big recommendation from us to anyone with a pooch at any stage of development.

Alan, Marisa and Oya – MINIATURE SCHNAUZER

My husband and I contacted Nero Dog Training as we recently adopted a new puppy, Bob.
Harlie immediately responded to our questions and was able to accommodate our schedule. We just had our first session of the Puppy Package and I already notice a significant difference! I feel confident with the tools that we were given and the homework we have to work on with Bob. If we are already seeing progress in 1 day , I’m very much looking forward to seeing the long run!
Looking forward to the next session!

Whitney, Victor and Bob – ROMANIAN RESCUE

Nero has been amazing helping me train Charlie my Dachshund puppy. Always with utmost care, patience and guidance for me and my doggy. Thanks to Nero Charlie has learnt basic obedience within 3 weeks!

Anna Marie and Charlie – MINIATURE DACHSHUND

I worked with Harlie after my dog was bitten and became very timid and frightened of other dogs, beginning to show aggression. Harlie immediately gave me my confidence back to give my dog the support she needed to get over her fear. After one walk we were already walking with several other dogs along with massive Nero (R.I.P)! It was brilliant to see them all play together. I‘m a firm believer that not only the dog needs training but mostly it is the owner. Harlie was incredibly helpful and reads the situation extremely well. Highly recommend! Also the build the bond workshops are really fun, also highly recommend!

Antonia and Luna – WHIPPET MIX

Nero Dog Training is absolutely 5-star! We have a 2-year-old beagle and we asked Harlie to help us with indoor behaviour and off-leash training. Harlie came to us this week for our first session and in one week we really feel that Rocco’s behaviour is improving rapidly. She taught us many new techniques and gave us a lot of tips that we’ve never heard before. Last, but not least Harlie is an amazing person!

Renata and Rocco – ─ Beagle

Harlie is AMAZING! With only one training Maasai (Staffordshire Pit-bull Terrier) already has some significant behaviour changes…for the better! But I’m still unable to act with her on the outside as Harlie was within 5 minutes. Can’t wait for our next session! If you have a dog (any size, any breed) I recommend you pick up the phone and contact Harlie! She’s be able to advise you and show you that your dog can be (even) better, and not only you but everyone around you can be proud of it! 

Margarida and Maasai ─ Staffordshire Terrier

Harlie is great! She exceeded expectations and we saw improvement in our stubborn dog immediately. She taught us valuable skills to continue training

Jeremy and Molly ─ American Staffordshire Terrier

Te gekke training gehad met Nero Dog Training, wat ‘n geweldige meid, weet precise wat ze doet, zeer motiverend, thx Harlie!

Mireille and Bailey ─ Shepherd mix