Life Skills Class: Advanced

Please note, you may only attend Life Skills Class: Advanced if your dog has attended the first Life Skills Class.

Did you and your dog enjoy the last Nero Dog Training group class? Our training picks up where we left off with this revamped course! Continue building those essential life skills and learn some new ones…with MORE added distraction!

The class is designed for dogs aged 6 months and over and includes exercises to keep developing your existing skillset when it comes to:

  • Advanced recall (creative distractions that you’ll love!) 
  • Loose leash drills
  • Proprioception and body awareness
  • Terrace training continued…
  • Send aways
  • Emergency stop: continued
  • Social learning 
  • Husbandry training
  • Proofing behaviour with real-life, creative distractions & fun, group games!

*Please note: this class is for dogs that are comfortable in a group environment consisting of other dogs and humans. 

Each handler will receive:

  • 121 Attention from Harlie
  • A certificate of attendance upon completion
  • Real life training opportunities

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We have made some important changes to our terms & conditions.Please read them carefully here.

PRICE? NERO NETWORK MEMBERS: €295 (inclusive of 21% BTW)

WHEN? SATURDAY 10TH AUGUST 2024: 11.30AM – 12.30PM (The 5th and final class is hosted on Saturday 7th September 2024)

WHERE? Slotermeer Amsterdam – yes, all classes are outdoors!

HOW TO ENROLL? Please fill out the contact form here.