Last Christmas, there was a different kind of Shepherd in our Christmas story.


With a dog in your life, Christmas is guaranteed to be that much better. Our canine companions truly understand the spirit of the festive season. They motivate and inspire us to live for now, to truly forgive and to forget and to appreciate the moment.


Although this festive feeling was captured last year, I hope these snaps give you a giggle and an insight into Nero’s patience and amazing listening ability that allowed me to decorate him. He was paid handsomely with his favourite treats and had a sneaky peek at a few of his Christmas presents (as well as tinsel shredding.)


In all seriousness, there is a deeper message I would like to pass on to all those considering purchasing and gifting a puppy this year. Remember, a dog is for life and not just for Christmas. We’ve all heard this phrase yet people still continue to purchase puppies as gifts for those who are truly unprepared for the commitment and dedication that being a responsible dog owner entails. If you’re planning on surprising that special someone with the gift of four little paws and a wet nose, do your research and please give adoption a second thought. There are literally millions of dogs out there who would love to be given a second chance to prove themselves and to become your new best friend.


I mean, look at this big guy. Think of everything he accomplished. He was branded ‘out of control’ and was described as a dog who had shown aggression towards both dogs and people. He had been in the shelter for months and as a dog well into his adult years with behaviour issues, people overlooked him. Yet here he was posing for the camera, a true Underdog to Wonder dog, a dearly loved member of our family, my inspiration, my brand ambassador and the reason I do what I do.  Together, we shattered the stereotype that came with a second hand dog and began a passion fuelled mission to help dogs and owners find balance.


On behalf of the Nero Squad, I would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and prosperous new year. 2017 has been an exciting one for us with the launch of our brand new bark and board service and workshops.

It has also been painful. My dear Nero left us in November earlier this year and I miss him so much everyday. Nothing could have prepared me for that loss and I truly feel so blessed that we found one another that day at the shelter. No matter what buddy, I will continue our mission knowing you are still with me in spirit. Thank you for all your lessons, you were my greatest teacher and most treasured companion. We will never, ever forget you. Your name and legacy lives on.

On behalf of our little team, thank you for all your support and we will continue working hard to help every dog we can, one paw at a time. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas gift voucher offer over on the services page!paint-paw1

Nero Photo credits: Mary Off Duty





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