Been sniffing for a yummy cookie to motivate your dog during training? Perhaps you’re searching for a canine compatible birthday cake? Maybe your dog deserves something special to sink their teeth into? Whatever reason you’re seeking  tasty treats for a hungry hound, you needn’t look further than Petcake! Situated in Haarlem, this divine little bakery creates fresh, healthy and delicious edibles for the woof in your life.

Petcake was founded by Ronald Barkmeijer in 2015 and has been going from mixing bowl to doggy bowl ever since. Having always had a passion for baking and a soft spot for dogs, Ronald successfully combined his two opposing interests and Petcake was born. What was originally a joke between friends soon became a business reality that appeals to dogs and their owners alike. Think fresh fruity tarts to full-blown elegant cakes, if you wanna spoil your pup, Ronald will see that it’s done.

After contacting Ronald I was delighted to be kindly invited over to his place of work, wags and wonder. Crunchie and Daisy tagged along to test the goods and oh my dog were they in for a treat! Not only did they get to witness the careful process of making such temptations, they also seized the opportunity to be on TV! That’s right, whilst we were chatting and sipping our coffee’s, Ronald had a call from NH Nieuws requesting to do a feature on Petcake! Right place, right time and all that! You can view the video by clicking here. (Yes I’m still as red as my Best Kept Secret rain mac that I’m wearing. Don’t cha just despise your voice on video?)

Offering the classic favourites from carrot cake to banana bombs to brownies, you can rest assured your furry friend is ingesting only the best ingredients. But chocolate is toxic to canines I hear you say? Of course, but this doggy ‘chocolate’ is made with Carob. This is extracted from the carob bean which grows on the carob tree, a type of flowering shrub which belongs to the same family as peas. It offers a different flavour to what us humans know as chocolate and is filled with healthy nutrients, vitamins and fibre that actually benefits your dog!

All Petcake products are made with zero E-numbers, no salt and contain none of that artificial rubbish. They are freshly baked to order and when delivered to your door, certainly give your four-legged friend a reason to welcome the delivery guy. If your dog does not posses a huge appetite, don’t fear! Edibles can be consumed within four days or you can successfully freeze them for up to two months after purchase!

Three guesses how long it took the big guy and the piglet to eat their share of the Petcake cookies? I think it’s safe to see that the Nero Squad will be returning very soon for more delicious doggy things! If you fancy surprising your canine companion, head over to and check out the menu! Your dog will thank you, guaranteed!

Thanks again Ronald, until next time!












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