Pack life.

Contrary to certain theories, I’m a big believer in allowing dogs to be just that – dogs. Whilst rehabilitating Nero it was imperative that I had access to other calm, socialised dogs in order to help him understand that other canines needn’t be perceived as a threat. By encouraging him to use his nose and learn ‘doggy manners,’ I built my trust in him to the point of allowing him off-leash to meet new woofers at the park.


I practice the same methods to train and guide my clients with their fear aggressive dogs. The power of the pack is extraordinary. Dogs can learn from their own kind much quicker than they can humans and by continuing to organise a group walk on a regular basis, my dogs are constantly improving their skills as assistance canines to other pups.


This week we were joined by Royal, Luna, Timmy and Daisy (all previous clients of Nero Dog Training.) Timmy’s attitude and aggression towards other dogs has improved dramatically whilst Royal and Luna’s off leash reliability is consistent. You can follow their daily adventures on Instagram: @royalandluna.



This particular pack walk was extremely wet and windy. However, what nature lacked in pleasing weather it made up for with it’s delightful displays of Autumn colours. Appealing shades of warm oranges, mustards and greens made quite the backdrop for some perfectly themed, autumnal doggy photos.  The leaves made a thick, crunchy golden carpet whilst the fallen sticks and branches kept Nero busy for hours.


Luckily for little Crunchie, the rain ceased to stop. She’s a born water baby and confidently strutted and splashed through every puddle she came across. Daisy on the other hand prefers the mud (as you can guess from her solo shot below.) Be sure to follow Nero’s Instagram @zero2nero and Daisy’s and Crunchie’s @crazydaisycavoodle. Both accounts feature many more snaps of their daily Dutch lives and shenanigans.

If you’re interested in joining in the fun and would like to participate in an organised walk, please head over to my services page on and send me a message via the contact form. I look forward to meeting you and your canine companions soon!











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