Nero Bootcamp Class

Our new 5 week bootcamp class is kicking off in 2024!

This is a Nero Network exclusive, designed for those seeking a revamp to reboot and renew their training skillset. Nero bootcamp boasts brand new group exercises and games to continue testing and proofing your engagement. You MUST have completed the life skills class OR 121 training to attend!

This 5 week class is designed for dogs aged 6 months and over and includes exercises such as:

  • Recall, recall and more recall!
  • Focus to handler around other dogs and novel distractions (including inflatables)
  • ”Find your human!” – Building confidence in creative ways
  • Controlled exposure to horses
  • Long line work (how to become more relevant)
  • The art of doing nothing
  • Down in motion (beginner to intermediate)
  • Distance training & working away from handler on a long line

As always, we welcome all breeds, all backgrounds and all levels! There is no maximum age – you can indeed ‘teach an old dog new tricks!’

Each handler will receive:

  • 121 Attention from Harlie
  • A Nero Dog Training certificate of attendance upon completion



  • 5 weeks consecutively beginning: Friday 5th January 2024: 10.30am – 11.30am (the 5th and final class will be hosted on Friday 2nd February 2024.)

WHERE? Sloterweg 675, Amsterdam. From January 2024, we will be hosting majority of our group trainings in the equestrian indoor or (sheltered) outdoor arena! We are no longer at the mercy of the Dutch weather. We recommend you to read our terms and conditions. 

HOW TO ENROLL? Please drop an email to: