Dog Detection Classes


Nero Dog Training is pleased to host the best dog detection class for pet dogs in the city of Amsterdam!

With our 4 week specialised course, you and your dog will learn how to condition and detect a specific scent, just like the real working dogs! Scent work is a game changer and becoming increasingly popular within the dog training industry due to the multiple benefits. Nose work can help relax a dog, gifts them with a purpose/job and encourages a team mindset between dog and handler. It’s a fantastic and versatile activity that can be used to help dogs that lack confidence as well as those who are constantly ”turned on.” It’s FUN for canines and humans alike and taps into your dogs natural ability. That canine sense of smell is a super power!

This 4 week course is suitable for the novice detection dog and those that have previously been introduced to scent work some time ago and wish to continue their journey towards level 2. The class is hosted in English.

What’s included in the Dog Detection Level 1:

✅ 4 Week course
✅ Maximum of 6 participants per class
✅ Learn about motivation and methodology
✅ Selecting and sourcing your scent/ continuing to reinforce your scent and indication
✅ Creating confidence, finding focus & troubleshooting
✅ Working as one with your dog
✅ Basic linear searches and area searches (varying levels of difficulty depending on experience)
✅ Certificate of attendance
✅ Indoor location with refreshments and toilets available for 3 of the 4 classes (the 4th and final class is hosted on the field!)

COST: €350.00* per combination of one dog and a maximum of two handlers. (Inclusive of  €60.74 BTW & mini scent kit.)* Members of The Nero Network receive a discount: €325.00 (inclusive of €56.40 BTW & mini scent kit.)

WHEN: Fancy joining in the fun? The next 4 week class kicks off on:

Friday 5th July, 2024 : 8.45am – 9.45am at the training room/ field. The class runs every Friday for 1 hour, for 4 consecutive weeks  ***SOLD OUT***

LOCATION: Nero Dog Training Detection classes are hosted at a unique, equestrian location on the Sloterweg in the city of Amsterdam (Nieuw-West) Sloterweg 675, 1066 CA Amsterdam. As the Sloterweg is closed to vehicles that do not have a permit, we recommend you travel to us via foot, bike or public transportation. There are bus and metro stops a short distance from our training room. We have tea and coffee facilities on site as well as a toilet. Please note, dogs must be kept on a short leash at all times when outside of the training room or unless otherwise instructed by Nero Dog Training. Open toed footwear is prohibited as we operate on equestrian grounds. Directions to the field location in Sloterpark will be provided upon registration. 

SIGN UP: Send an email over to *Please note: this class is for dogs that are comfortable in a group environment consisting of other dogs and humans. Should your dog be displaying aggressive or reactive behaviour towards dogs or humans, please contact us to discuss our private training packages.