Concierge training is a premium, additional support service designed to meet the requirements of our clientele.


Hire our lead dog trainer and behaviourist Harlie to assist with training and/or handle your dog at/for a special event or occasion (weddings, birthday parties, film sets, professional photographs etc.)

We love getting creative and the sky is the limit. Please contact harlie@nerodogtraining.nl with your proposal and we can get back to you with a tailored quotation.


When it comes to educating or re-educating a dog, time spent training really does matter. “Train don’t complain” is our motto for good reason…

Nero Dog Training is well versed in streamlining the learning process for both ends of the leash. Our training programmes are designed to aid even the busiest of lifestyles with getting those all important reps in.  Nevertheless, after over half a decade of serving Amsterdam’s elite, we understand that some dog guardians may find themselves unable to commit to training as often as they would like…

This exclusively tailored training means you hire our lead dog trainer and behaviourist Harlie to visit your dog at home/in your neighbourhood and practice the homework given to increase the reinforcement history behind behaviour.

This concept aims to accelerates the learning process for the dog in training. Clients are often left in awe at Harlie’s ability to move, adapt, read and communicate with their dog, even in a very short space of time. Timing, clear criteria and understanding is crucial to gaining successful repetitions.  The proficiency and competency of her skill stem from years of study as well as a wealth of tacit knowledge earned through training and handling hundreds of dogs a year.

Multiple weekly training sessions will help establish and strengthen behaviours.

  • 2 x week for 1 hour for 2 weeks = 945 EUR (total of 4 hours training)
  • 2 x week for 1 hour for 3 weeks = 1385 EUR (total of 6 hours training)
  • 2 x week for 1 hour for 5 weeks =  2275 EUR (total of 10 hours training)

Price includes 21% BTW, parking, fuel and travel costs. 

All sessions include short video documentation (where possible) and tailored training notes for the client to review and implement.

  • Please note, a puppy or underdog consultation or package must have been purchased in advance.
  • The client must be present to meet and greet Nero Dog Training.
  • Sessions should be scheduled on consecutive weeks to increase chance of success
  • Individual requests can be discussed on a case by case basis.
  • Reference the terms and conditions for more information.