Build the bond.

One evening, a dog trainer and an animal physiotherapist met for dinner and discussions. What happened next? Well, we put our heads together, threw some ideas around, scooped them all up, mashed them together and made some magic!

‘Build the bond’ is an interactive workshop for dogs and owners created by Nero Dog Training and De Ruijter Dierfysiotherapie. We have designed and combined various exercises and elements from both our professions to really stimulate and challenge your dogs abilities and further the bond between canine and human:

Confidence & co-ordination
Focus & obedience
Body awareness & balance
Building the bond between you and your dog

From obedience, focus and scent work to core balance and spatial awareness, this workshop covers many aspects of dog training, physical well being and most importantly, is a fun filled day out for both dog and owner.


Owners left with tired dogs, a certificate of completion, a special goodie bag and (we hope) proud and surprised by their own dog’s capabilities and hidden talents. Thank you, woofs and wags to all of those who have joined our workshops to date, we’ve loved every single one!

If you and your canine companion fancy joining in, check our workshops page on the website for upcoming dates. You can reserve your place by sending an email over to or alternatively click here and select the workshop option.

Cost: €65.00 (one dog and one person combination)

Spectators: €25.00 per person (discounts offered if multiple attending)

Location: Houtrak Spaarnewoude

Time: 10:30am – 2:00pm.

Build the Bond photo credits: Mary Off Duty




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