Our trusted teenage package is designed for dogs aged 6 - 18 months old.

Puberty often proves challenging as your puppy transitions to a teenager. We have plenty of experience across all breeds and backgrounds to assist you in navigating the adolescent adventure. From management of fear phases to shaping calm behaviour on cue, we've got you covered! Our teenage package aims to address behaviours such as but not limited to:

  • Obedience and manners
  • Arousal  (how to use and understand it when training)
  • Impulse control (outside stimulus: other dogs/ cyclists/ joggers/ balls/ prey drive etc)
  • Off-leash reliability
  • Developing social skillsets
  • Settling
  • Leash manners
  • Understanding, channelling and capping drive and instict
  • Husbandry excercises (equipment/ grooming/ handling)
  • Seperation anxiety
  • Fear phases and insecurities
  • Unwanted barking
  • Nutrition and feeding

  TEEN PACKAGE €325.00*

(inclusive 21% BTW)

- Initial consultation & training of 90 minutes in your own home/area
- 1 x Follow up session of  60 minutes in your own home/area
- A tailored training programme
- 6 Weeks full online support
- Access to The Nero Network: online canine community (includes member discount on future Nero events)

*Parking/travel costs are not included. Please view our terms and conditions for full details



(inclusive 21% BTW)

- Initial consultation of 90 minutes in your own home/area
- Access to The Nero Network: online canine community (includes member discount on future Nero events)

*Parking/travel costs are not included. Please view our terms and conditions for full details



(inclusive 21% BTW)

 1 x 60 minute follow up session: €125.00

3 x 60 minute follow up sessions: €350.00

5 x 60 minute follow up sessions: €575.00

- An email summary of the session/s. If multiple sessions are purchased, full online support between sessions is included

*Follow up sessions can only be purchased after completion of an initial behaviour consultation or package.

*Parking/travel costs are not included. Please view our terms and conditions for full details

* By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions.


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"We adopted a 9-month-old rescue Kokoni from Cyprus and decided to get him settled into his new home with support from Harlie and Nero Dog Training. We weren't sure what kind of challenges and struggles would come with a rescue, so we definitely didn't want to be alone on that journey.
It was the best decision to have her visit us only a few days after his arrival so we could start off on the right paw. She gave us amazing advice on how to kick off training with the basics, and how to communicate with our little pup. She immediately had a connection with him, making training easy and fun with her bubbly and outgoing personality.
Not only did she help Waldo with his start into his new life, but also gave us confidence to continue training by ourselves and believe in us and trust our intuition when it comes to understanding him.
Now we are having tons of fun training him and seeing him learn and grow to be the best dog we could wish for! With the Nero Network she also established a super helpful community for her clients in and around Amsterdam, helping with puppy play dates and any other issue that might come up. Highly recommend her and Nero Dog Training!"
"I am super happy that we choose Nero Dog Training instead of a regular dog school because we got to tackle the behaviour issues of our new rescue dog as well as teach basic obedience in a personalized way. Harlie is an amazing person and super passionate about her work. She responds to emails and messages quickly and gives lots of homework to do. Training sessions are really positive and the network Harlie has created is a really great place to share, learn and get to meet new people and their doggies. Harlie helped our new rescue dog become more settled, trained and confident as well as taught us - new dog owners to be good guardians. Very recommended!"
"Could not recommend Harlie enough. We had gone to some puppy training classes for our German Shepherd at 3 months old but we just didn't feel like either us nor our dog was really progressing. We found Harlie a few months later and wow! Harlie shared SO much valuable and interesting tips and knowledge. Since then we've been to Harlie's group classes and had another 1 on 1 session and thanks to those, we really have a lot more understanding on how to speak our dog's language, and confidence on how to get the results we are looking for. We've taught our German Shepherd to loose-leash walk, not to launch at other dogs & keep her calm in stressful situations, how to stay on her mat at home when guests come in.... Our relationship with our dog as a result of Harlie's valuable expertise is wonderful!"
"Highly recommend Harlie! Franklin was having some trouble with resource guarding, barking at dogs and overall felt like my small student apartment was his. There was tremendous change as soon as Harlie came and I was amazed by how well she read Franklin. I love her as a trainer because of how friendly and easy conversation flows - it’s like having a very dog friendly friend! During the time she was training Franklin, he also got bit and although it wasn’t training related, she was incredibly supportive and helpful as to what I could do.
Because of how impressed and happy I was with her training, we also signed up for Urban Dog Classes. You not only get to train your dog in a fun way but also get a tired pup for the day and a work out for yourself! Harlie is incredibly hardworking and dedicated and the results show it! Thanks Nero Dog Training!"
"Training with Harlie has been an amazing learning experience for all us. Our boy, James, is a very energetic, excited and enthusiastic dog who needed to learn some impulse control. Along with loads of fun we have achieved so many positive changes in such a short space of time! Thanks Harlie."
"Harlie is absolutely amazing. She knows everything! Our lovely little rescue dog responded so well to everything we were taught. The whole family was involved in the training, and Harlie made it all really fun. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She is the gift that every dog - and dog owner - needs."
"Where do we begin?! Our 1 year old stray has learned so much since starting with Harlie. We had previously done a group class, but it took too much time and it wasn’t personalized. With Harlie, you get such VALUE in the services -  she’s professional, attent and provides thorough notes. She also helps you understand the why behind behaviours and redirects them. She’s been great for my partner and I’s relationship, as we navigate through raising a dog. So happy!"