Nero Dog Training - Voted ''Dog Training Service of The Year 2021/22" and ''Dog Behaviourist of The Year 22/23'' - Netherlands Prestige Awards

Our popular puppy training packages are designed for dogs aged 2 - 9 months of age.

Nero Dog Training has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to training ex-street puppies that hail from abroad, puppies fresh from the breeder or adopted from the shelter, hand-reared puppies and working lines. Regardless of your dogs origins, we will help guide both ends of the leash in the comfort of your own home and surroundings when it comes to dealing with but not limited to:

  • Basic obedience and manners
  • Teething, chewing and mouthing
  • Toilet training
  • Leash manners
  • Creating confidence and clear communication
  • Reliable recall foundations and off- leash reliability
  • Understanding, channelling and capping drive and instinct
  • House manners (including counter surfing, jumping up, guest greetings etc)
  • Crate training and leaving routines - introducing and increasing independence
  • Separation anxiety
  • Confidence building in fearful puppies
  • Arousal  (how to use and understand it when training)
  • Impulse control (outside stimulus: other dogs/ cyclists/ joggers/ balls/ prey drive etc)
  • Developing social skillsets
  • Settling
  • Husbandry exercises (equipment/ grooming/ handling)
  • Fearful behaviour, phases and insecurities
  • Unwanted barking
  • Nutrition and feeding
  • Understanding body language



Ready to take the first step towards a better relationship with your puppy?  Our puppy consultation is a comprehensive, informative and educational experience for dog and human alike.

  • Initial consultation & training of 90 minutes in your own home/area
  • Access to The Nero Network: online canine community 

(Fully inclusive 21% BTW, fuel, travel time & parking costs)

*If you would like to work together, please fill out the contact form. By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions


Prevention before intervention! Learning how to communicate with your dog is crucial to a healthy relationship. A puppies education is an investment and helps avoid and reduce the risk of behavioural challenges in the future. It's no secret that puppies and precedents go paw in hand. Building solid foundations and fundamentals early on sets you and your new family member up for a life time of success. You'll be pleasantly surprised at just how much both you and your puppy will learn with our signature puppy package!

  • Initial consultation & training of 90 minutes in your own home/area
  • 1 x Follow up session of 75 minutes in your own home/area
  • A tailored training programme & 6 weeks full email support
  • Access to The Nero Network: online canine community 

(Fully inclusive 21% BTW, fuel, travel time & parking costs)

*If you would like to work together, please fill out the contact form. By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions


Our elite puppy training package is intended for those that want it all when it comes to their new family member! We address all those typical behaviours that you are bound to experience when raising a young dog. Unexpected behaviours can develop as your puppy matures and is exposed to the world around them. Early puberty often proves challenging as your puppy transitions to a teenager. We have developed our skillset across all breeds and backgrounds to assist you in navigating puppyhood and the adolescent adventure.

  • Initial consultation & training of 90 minutes in your own home/area
  • 4 x Follow up session of 75 minutes in your own home/area
  • 1 x Space on the Nero Dog Training 5 week puppy class
  • A tailored training programme & 12 weeks full email support
  • Access to The Nero Network: online canine community 

(Fully inclusive 21% BTW, fuel, travel time & parking costs)

*If you would like to work together, please fill out the contact form By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions

What our clients are saying:

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"Harlie is amazing. We do both group puppy class and 1:1 sessions with our 3 month old puppy. We love her training method because it focuses on ‘real life’ situations taught in a controlled environment. We start from the basic ideas and progressively apply it in different scenarios that mimic real life, such as not picking scraps off the floor or coming back to us on command even if she is playing excitedly. Harlie prepared a great starter pack for us as part of the private lessons, a detailed document explaining all the behaviours we could instil in our puppy, as well as creative methods we could use to teach them. In each session she shows us how to perform the command with our pup, and then gives plenty of advice when we try in regards to timing etc. Harlie’s genuine love for animals shows and brings out the best in the puppies! It is very clear that she has a comprehensive understanding of each dog breed and really tailors the training to that breed’s nature and personality, as well as the specific dog owners lifestyle. Harlie is also not only very knowledgeable about dog behaviour, but also canine nutrition which has been a big help for us as our puppy has developed some allergies. Harlie is fun to work with and inspires us to keep pushing the boundaries of training daily. All in all, with Harlie’s support we have a happy, well balanced and obedient puppy."
"When we decided to get a second dog, we knew that we wanted to set up proper foundations for training from the very beginning as our other dog (now 4 years old), as sweet and loving as she is, was never properly trained. We actually heard of Harlie through a pair of friends whose corgi had SEVERE separation anxiety. Before they started the training with Harlie, we witnessed them not be able to go anywhere without their dog and we could see how stressed they were. We also saw as they and their dog totally started to improve- they were less stressed and we could also visibly see that their dog was calmer when we went to visit them in person. They also could finally leave the dog alone at the house and attend get togethers without worrying about their dog barking and whining for hours. We knew that if Harlie could help them with their neurotic pup then she must be pretty damn good. So we booked the Nero Dog Training "Premium Puppy Package" before we even went to pick up our puppy. So far, we have had our initial consultation session and our follow up personal training session and I have been blown away by Harlie's professionalism and knowledge. I never worked with a personal dog trainer before, only experienced group puppy classes with our other dog, so I had no idea what to expect, but I really believe Harlie went above and beyond. Not only does she have all the little things like promptly answering emails addressing our puppy questions and concerns (and we had quite a few questions and concerns) and always showing up on time for our sessions, but she really took care to understand our dogs individually and cater a personal training plan to them. She followed up after our sessions and had us send on videos to find out what we were doing to give proper advice for our specific situations. I can't even imagine how many clients she has but she always remembered ours and our dogs names and came into our home for the training sessions warmly and with great positive energy and it felt like we had known her for ages.
On top of all that, which is a million times worth it in itself, her advice and training plan WORKS. Before meeting Harlie I thought that dog training was a one size fits all approach and that the tricks you read about in books or in YouTube videos should work on all dogs, but Harlie gave alternatives for common problems like barking and jumping that our puppy responded to a million times better and only took a couple of times to begin to understand. She also really dives into the "why" and the theory behind the training advice that she gives to help you understand how your dog's brain works.
Lastly, not only does Harlie do dog training, but she really works with you to make sure that you are giving your pup the proper lifestyle as well. She works with you on food and nutrition and explains the science behind why dogs need certain types of food. She is great to ask for advice on harnesses and any other dog related thing that you can imagine, and she always has a reason for why she recommends a product- she isn't sponsored by any company so you know that there isn't a ulterior motive when she recommends things. All in all, I can't recommend Harlie enough. I have already recommended her to some other friends who will be joining us for her puppy class and I am looking forward to being in a group setting and socializing our puppy while furthering our training."
"We signed up to the premium puppy package with Harlie after we welcomed a Shiba Inu puppy into our family. I am so glad we did this. The two private sessions were really helpful to tailor the training to our dog’s behaviour, and the group classes were a really effective teaching environment, even with the ultimate distraction of other puppies around. We also received thoughtful and very detailed notes after each private session, which were tailored to help with what we found most challenging. Harlie genuinely cares about her clients and their dogs, and has gone above and beyond to help us ensure our training is effective. She has helped us develop clear boundaries and a rewards system, which has helped us build trust and made our interactions with our dog much more enjoyable. I look forward to continuing our training with Nero dog training even beyond the puppy stage! Thanks Harlie!"

"We recently adopted a Beagle puppy. The first few weeks with the puppy were close to a nightmare, she spent the whole time biting us, chasing our kids, and generally causing mayhem! But after just one session with Harlie, we already saw huge improvements with our pup. She gave us very practical and usable advice that make a big impact. Now a few months later, our puppy still needs some work, but has improved a lot. We are so happy with Harlie's training that we've signed up for additional puppy classes with her. We've worked with a lot of trainers over the past years and I have to say that Harlie has been my favorite so far!"

"We found Nero Dog Training through a Facebook recommendation and loved every second of our training! Harlie is super energetic, enthusiastic and colourful. She really knows how to train a pup, grab a dog's attention and keep it during a whole session. Her training notes are very valuable and tailor-made which we found useful as it is very hard to find all in one. Thanks Harlie! Looking forward to follow ups and more Nero courses!"
"We got our first dog last year and contacted Harlie and Nero Dog Training to help us with all the challenges we assumed would come. We've done 1-2-1 and group trainings, and it's done absolute wonders. We've seen from others in the Nero Community that she can solve existing issues brilliantly, but it's also been great for us to have guidance and support to prevent issues occurring. With Harlie we've learned how to communicate with our canine, what type of training is key and develop a mutually loving relationship with our dog - a proud Nero graduate!"
"Harlie is a very competent trainer and a lovely person to work with. We've loved our experience with Nero Dog Training so far and have learned so much about how to raise our little girl thanks to the dedicated private puppy lessons. Harlie is obviously an animal lover and she could read Pepper’s attitude and personality almost immediately after we first met! She has loads of practical and applicable advices on how to create a solid bond with your little one. She is also very patient and goes beyond what’s expected to address our needs. We can’t wait to start puppy classes!"
"Harlie is a fantastic trainer! We have now completed both the puppy training (a must for new pup owners) and the 1:1 training. She listened to all our concerns with Marmite and was able to give us tailored advice that was specific to our little pup. He has come on leaps and bounds since we started working with her. She is so experienced in what she does, you always feel in safe hands when she is there. She gives out the most comprehensive training plans around and whenever someone tells us how well behaved our pup is we tell them it’s down to our kickass trainer. Could not recommend her highly enough!"
"Harlie is amazing at sensing situations and giving us pup owners the confidence that everything will be alright and that we can learn how to positively train our dogs. Our older dog did not take to our new puppy and with Harlie's help they are now best friends!"
"When my puppy Dona was growing I realized that I needed help, because I could not control/change her behaviour on several situations. That was the time I contacted Harlie. From the first meeting Dona loved her! Harlie is a great trainer and person. We discussed and she gave me a lot of answers to my questions and solutions how to train Dona. Her training approach really worked with us and I am glad I contacted Harlie!"

"Harlie is a spot-on trainer! We got Django (Hungarian Vizsla) during the coronavirus lockdown and started to train him on our own. Around 5 months, we realized we were going to need help to tackle a few unwanted behaviors that were starting to develop (separation anxiety, eating EVERYTHING from the street, pulling on his leash etc). We booked a basic puppy package from Nero training.

We were unsure of how much can be achieved with only 2 training sessions. But Harlie knows and loves dogs so much she could spot right away what the missing part of our training was. On top of a very precise training program, she helped us figure out how to rearrange a few elements of the appartment to create the best environment possible for Django (especially when left alone) and gave us some precious tips on how to handle his craziest moments so we could remain in control of the situation even during his craziest witching hours! We trained a little bit everyday, following the numerous exercises Harlie gave us and within a couple of days we could already see results of Django’s improved behaviors.
Harlie’s contagious positive energy gave us a big boost of confidence in our training! She isn’t only an amazing trainer, she has also created an Beautiful and caring community of dog owners who love to share tips with one another and help each other train. We have learned so much thanks to Nero Training and couldn’t be more grateful!"
"We adopted a 9-month-old rescue Kokoni from Cyprus and decided to get him settled into his new home with support from Harlie and Nero Dog Training. We weren't sure what kind of challenges and struggles would come with a rescue, so we definitely didn't want to be alone on that journey.
It was the best decision to have her visit us only a few days after his arrival so we could start off on the right paw. She gave us amazing advice on how to kick off training with the basics, and how to communicate with our little pup. She immediately had a connection with him, making training easy and fun with her bubbly and outgoing personality.
Not only did she help Waldo with his start into his new life, but also gave us confidence to continue training by ourselves and believe in us and trust our intuition when it comes to understanding him.
Now we are having tons of fun training him and seeing him learn and grow to be the best dog we could wish for! With the Nero Network she also established a super helpful community for her clients in and around Amsterdam, helping with puppy play dates and any other issue that might come up. Highly recommend her and Nero Dog Training!"

"Could not recommend Harlie enough. We had gone to some puppy training classes for our German Shepherd at 3 months old but we just didn't feel like either us nor our dog was really progressing. We found Harlie a few months later and wow! Harlie shared SO much valuable and interesting tips and knowledge. Since then we've been to Harlie's group classes and had another 1 on 1 session and thanks to those, we really have a lot more understanding on how to speak our dog's language, and confidence on how to get the results we are looking for. We've taught our German Shepherd to loose-leash walk, not to launch at other dogs & keep her calm in stressful situations, how to stay on her mat at home when guests come in.... Our relationship with our dog as a result of Harlie's valuable expertise is wonderful!"


"Highly recommend Harlie! Franklin was having some trouble with resource guarding, barking at dogs and overall felt like my small student apartment was his. There was tremendous change as soon as Harlie came and I was amazed by how well she read Franklin. I love her as a trainer because of how friendly and easy conversation flows - it’s like having a very dog friendly friend! During the time she was training Franklin, he also got bit and although it wasn’t training related, she was incredibly supportive and helpful as to what I could do.

Because of how impressed and happy I was with her training, we also signed up for Urban Dog Classes. You not only get to train your dog in a fun way but also get a tired pup for the day and a work out for yourself! Harlie is incredibly hardworking and dedicated and the results show it! Thanks Nero Dog Training!"


"Training with Harlie has been an amazing learning experience for all us. Our boy, James, is a very energetic, excited and enthusiastic dog who needed to learn some impulse control. Along with loads of fun we have achieved so many positive changes in such a short space of time! Thanks Harlie."


"I am super happy that we choose Nero Dog Training instead of a regular dog school because we got to tackle the behaviour issues of our new rescue dog as well as teach basic obedience in a personalized way. Harlie is an amazing person and super passionate about her work. She responds to emails and messages quickly and gives lots of homework to do. Training sessions are really positive and the network Harlie has created is a really great place to share, learn and get to meet new people and their doggies. Harlie helped our new rescue dog become more settled, trained and confident as well as taught us - new dog owners to be good guardians. Very recommended!"

"Love Harlie and her energy, from the very first moment I understood we found the best trainer for our little Kasper that learned so much already thanks to Harlie - can’t wait for all future sessions. I love the way to connect on Facebook and that Harlie is always approachable and responds fast to emails to make sure we keep up the successes! All paws up for Nero Dog Training!"