€199.99 (Inc. BTW)*

Our popular puppy package is designed for dogs aged nine months or younger. We address all those typical behaviours that you are bound to experience when raising a young dog. Unexpected behaviours can develop as your puppy matures and is exposed to the world around them.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to training ex-street puppies that hail from abroad, puppies fresh from the breeder or adopted from the shelter as well as working lines. Regardless of your dogs origins, we will help guide both ends of the leash in the comfort of your own home and surroundings when it comes to dealing with:

  • Basic obedience and commands
  • Unwanted barking
  • Teething, chewing and mouthing
  • Toilet training
  • Understanding body language and social skills
  • Settling
  • Leash manners
  • Impulse control
  • House manners (including counter surfing, jumping up, charging guests etc)
  • Crate training and leaving routines – introducing and increasing independence
  • Seperation anxiety
  • Nutrition and feeding

Puppy package includes:

  • Initial consultation and training of 90 minutes in your own home
  • Follow up appointment of 1 hour in your own home/area
  • A tailored training programme to follow at home
  • Access to The Nero Network: online canine community
  • 6 Weeks email support

By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions as detailed below:

General information, terms & conditions:
*Fuel and travel is charged at 0.25 cents per km return. Parking is not included in the price. City parking is charged at €7.50 per hour (previously charged at 5.00 per hour but has now increased to reflect the new parking charges set by Amsterdam Gementee as of 14/04/2019.) Copies of parking receipts can be provided upon request.

* If you are a multi-dog household with more than one canine, an extra charge of €49.99 per dog will occur. This will include an individual evaluation of each dog plus an extended training programme.

All training and rehabilitation services provide individual tuition in a relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere. The aim is to be fun and rewarding for both dog and owner. Nero Dog Training has no restriction on the number of family members that may attend training sessions.

Children are welcome and actively encouraged to attend sessions, however a parent or guardian must accompany young people under the age of 16. If young children are attending, please ensure there is a second responsible adult to assist so we can maintain focus on our training session.

  • Upon receiving and approving your request, we will send you confirmation of your booking. This will confirm the price for the desired service, the intake date and time plus any other information relevant to your booking.
  • Payments for training services must be made within 48 hours of booking. Payment confirms appointment. If payment is not received within 48 hours then Nero Dog Training reserves the right to offer the appointment to another client.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they attend on the correct date, time and place for the trainings.
  • If you are unable to attend your booked appointment, please contact and inform Nero Dog Training as soon as possible.
  • It may be necessary to cancel sessions due to bad weather. This will be seen as a postponement with the session being re-booked for a later date that is convenient for both parties. In the event of yellow, orange or red weather warnings being issued, training/ classes or workshops will be postponed. In the event of high temperatures and heat waves, trainings will be postponed due to the safety of our canine clients.
  • Due to the nature of dog training and our packages, follow up appointments should be held no later than 2 – 3 weeks after the initial meeting. This is to maximise potential for success. In the event that this is not possible, you understand you are compromising the training of your dog due to long periods between training sessions.
  • Follow up appointments must be completed within 3 months of the initial consultation.
  • Follow up appointments will expire within 3 months of the initial consultation.
  • Refunds will not be offered in the event of non-compliance with the terms and conditions stated.
  • The results of training are entirely dependant on the owners capability to commit and be consistent with the training programme. Failure to comply may result in behaviours remaining unchanged. We work with people that want to work with their dogs to achieve their goals.

Nero Dog Training cancellation fees:

  • Nero Dog Training requires a 24 hours notification of cancellation of any consultation, otherwise an administration fee of €35 will be charged due to diary demand and loss of earnings.
  • Price advertised at time of booking applies.

Confidentiality of our clients:

  • All customer records and information is kept in the strictest of confidence and is not shared with any third party.
  • Thank you to all our customers for their continued support. We welcome any suggestions or comments to help improve our customer experience.