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We have adapted to the needs and demands of our ever-expanding community in this fast-changing world.

With our virtual dog training, the sessions are hosted via the platform that works best for both parties. (Google Hangouts/ Messenger/ Skype/Teams/WhatsApp/ Zoom, etc.)

Our online training has multiple advantages!

  • Save on travel and parking costs
  • Location is not an issue
  • Reduced waiting list

If you’re based internationally, on the move a lot due to work commitments or unable to physically attend training sessions, online training is an ideal, alternative solution to private training!

Our Puppy training and Underdog training can all be successfully delivered in this manner. Take a peek at what our clients have to say about our new service below!

Let’s be honest. The experience of having a face to face session with an experienced professional trainer is hard to beat. HOWEVER, online dog training certainly has a place within the industry and can offer many owners the guidance and support needed to solve those daily dog dilemmas.


(inclusive 21% BTW)

  • Initial online consultation of 75 minutes
  • Access to The Nero Network: online canine community

*If you would like to connect, please fill out our contact form.By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions.


(inclusive 21% BTW)

  • Initial online consultation of 75 minutes
  • 1 x Follow up online session of  60 minutes
  • A tailored training programme
  • 3 weeks email support
  • Access to The Nero Network: online canine community

*If you would like to connect, please fill out our contact form.By making a booking, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and fully accept our terms and conditions.



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"I had an amazing experience with Nero dog training. Zoya joined our family four months ago, when she came she was so scared of absolutely everything including us, her walks were very stressful, she was panicking and freezing all the time. After a while we booked the online package with Harlie, she helped us A LOT in building a relationship with Zoya and also in increasing her confidence in us and in the new environment. The program was so professional it covered all the basics but was also customized to fit Zoya and her character, it helped us explore her traits and reinforce them with games and rewards, on top of that Harlie always gives with the best personalized tips and comments that helps getting faster results. All in all Zoya is a much happier, confidant dog because of Harlie and her tips, also her encouragement and reminders to train (and not complain) every day, I highly recommend Harlie, her energy is exceptional, will for sure keep in touch with her for follow ups."
"We recently adopted a pup from Romania, who even after adapting to our home was reluctant to go outside, anxious to meet people, and naughty from time to time eating our wool rug. A friend of ours directed us to Nero Dog Training because Harlie did a tremendous job getting her dog over separation anxiety. We reached out to Harlie and almost immediately got a response. By the next business day, we were zooming to learn how to help Finn thrive. The first session we learned a number of commands, which helped us direct Finn's energy and anxiety, and stimulated her mind. Between the first and second sessions, we sent videos to Harlie and she would help us adjust our commands making them easier for Finn to follow. In two week's time Finn has become confident outside and even walks with a loose leash. We are able to prevent her zooms and--most of the time--her carpet chomping by getting her to follow commands. We still have a lot of work to do to get her where we want her to be, but we know Harlie is here to help.  I can highly recommend working with Harlie at Nero Dog Training."
"Nero Dog Training (Harlie) has been so great for us. As new dog owners and owners of a high energy, 13 week old Terrier pup we have a steep learning curve ahead of us. Harlie has been very patient with our constant barrage of questions trying to do the right thing for our pup. We were relieved to be able to get online training in these circumstances as it helped guide us through the pups first few weeks with us. Harlie was very responsive with great tips and commands to set us and our pup up for future success. We would highly recommend Nero Dog Training and looking forward to some in person time when we are all able too. Thanks Harlie!"
"Harlie from Nero Dog Training is amazing! I joined Harlie's online puppy package weeks before I got my labradoodle pup and Harlie helped with everything, from where to put the puppy play pen, to what toys to buy, to what food would be best to try. Her response rate/speed to emails is fantastic and this took a lot of my anxiety away (first puppy for me!). I had read some puppy books, but nothing beats Harlie's personalised advice! I knew what to expect from the minute my little boy walked in. If I had panicky questions, Harlie would patiently explain and hand me tools to deal with whatever was baffling me. Honestly, those tools ALWAYS helped! Sometimes I would ask a (probably silly) question, but Harlie treats every question with the same seriousness and kindness and that really, really helped me. And it was so comforting to hear the words 'Don't worry, that's normal puppy behaviour'... I highly recommend Harlie and Nero Dog Training to everyone with a puppy (and with a rescue or adult dog, of course). I figured you only get one shot at their 'childhood', so I wanted to do it right. Harlie's help was and still is invaluable in helping us on our journey. Next week we start the puppy class. We're soooo excited!!!"
"We've been doing the online training with Harlie - and it's been fantastic. We were a little worried about not meeting in person, but thought we'd go ahead as we had an anxious, super high energy, 7 month old, rescue Herder, and were struggling with some basics.  After two lessons we have had really practical feedback on our approach and we now follow a training program. Harlie keeps in contact with us, viewing videos of our training sessions at home and offering tips, challenges and progressions. Very highly recommend!"
"I have been working with Harlie on my cocker spaniel Sophie, who’s always been uneasy with being left home by herself. It results in barking and pacing around the flat. All the training has taken place online and so far I’ve had results that I haven’t seen with Sophie for 2 years. So I’m extremely happy and amazed at how much Harlie’s online training sessions have helped us already! Harlie equipped me with an holistic step-by-step training plan ranging from supportive diet, in house training, during the walks training and an action plan of leaving/coming home. I’ve received suggestions that I’d never managed to find online through my broad research and attempts to train Sophie on my own. She’s 8 years old, going on 9 soon and I see clear behavioural changes in her! She’s able to be by herself for a good amount of time now & we’ll keep on going to increase the time duration for her. I would recommend Harlie to anyone struggling with any kind of dog problem - she really takes time to understand your personal situation and dog, and her wide knowledge & experience of canine behaviour is immediately apparent. The training plan has been realistic and hasn’t put any unnecessary pressure on me, I’ve also felt guided at every step of the way, which was especially important when things felt impossible to change! I’m so happy I made the decision to work with Harlie at Nero Dog Training."
"We were having problems with our older rescue dog Iggy. Barking, disruptive behaviour and even a few snaps at us. We were not sure how the online classes would work out but it was amazing. Harlie is an amazing trainer and has given us the confidence and information to move forward. Iggy's behaviour is so, so, so much better and this is down to Harlie's training and regular short training sessions by ourselves. Couldn't recommend highly enough. Worth every cent."
"Harlie helped me and my pup Bruce via her Online Training. I wasn’t sure how that would work since she couldn’t experience the problem behaviours first hand but she definitely did!! Actually in the end I preferred this way of working with her and I have had my fair share of training sessions (8 trainers in 3 years!). Harlie really knows dogs and has really helped me with the issues and reassured me every step of the way that things were going well (if they were), to be patient and celebrate the little wins. She has been a great help and incredibly available to me for any question I may have, readily provided comments and suggestions. I couldn’t recommend Harlie and her services more. If you are unsure of doing online training with your dog, I really recommend trying it with Harlie because you will be so happy you did! Thanks Harlie."
"Today we had our Facebook video call. Harlie was amazing, asked a lot of questions to find out my dogs character. I have a 5,5 month golden retriever who can be veryyyy difficult, so she tried to get as much information to help her figure out my boy , which is something our previous trainer didnt do. She then asked for his routines, different scenarios, behaviour, but also about me and my boyfriend how we do things with Teddy. During the call Teddy started being naughty and ws jumping on me and biting. Harlie gave me an amazing tip that worked literally straight away ! She gave me so many useful tips and information that me and my boyfriend put in practice all day and honestly we are so so so soooo shocked how quickly and effectively it worked. Not only this, but she also scheduled another call to follow up, tagged me in posts that are useful for my boy, sent me training videos and invited over for a class training once the Corona situation calms. We will DEFINITELY be going, not only for my dog but also I cant wait to meet Harlie in person. She has this amazing aura and personality that all you wanna do is listen to her, but she also doesn't make you feel bad like for example the other trainer or my vet did ( who told me teddy might have to be put down if he doesn't change with age), and she is just so nice and fun to talk to. I am looking forward for the further training, using her tips and meeting her and all that Jazz. I will not look further for a trainer as I think we found our Holy Grail Thank you so much, for being an amazing trainer and person!"
"Our little Loni is an 18 month old rescue dog from Croatia. Although she was relatively comfortable with other people and dogs, she would at unexpected times react unpredictably and bark at sudden movements or an approaching jogger, cyclist or even an over excitable child. Training with Harlie at Nero Dog Training has given us the tools and confidence to understand these behaviours. Harlie is a generous and knowledgeable person who makes you feel reassured throughout the training process, despite having never met her in person! Within a week, Loni was staying in place for over a minute, had learned all her basic commands and we’ve noticed her general resilience and confidence improve! We are also working on desensitising her to movement with tailored training tips from Harlie. Harlie’s holistic approach is to capture natural behaviours as opposed to rote training a dog to fit a mould. We have really appreciated this, would highly recommend this online service and are looking forward to continuing to work with Loni and Harlie in the future."
"My dog Poppy and I have been working with Harlie at Nero Dog Training since the beginning of February via a mix of both in person and virtual sessions. Harlie's expertise has been invaluable in helping me shape my puppy's behaviour and learn how best to train her in the most efficient and effective way. Whilst I miss seeing Harlie in person for our sessions, I've seen no impact to moving to online during the COVID crisis. In fact just today we were able to tackle some new found love of barking via a Whatsapp video call. HIGHLY recommend!"