So, you think your dog has a keen sense of smell?

Nero Dog Training has created an all new dog detection day for canines and their owners! Having recently passed her dog detection handler course in England, Harlie is more eager than ever to get owners working WITH their dogs to share the benefits and value that scent work brings. It’s a team excercise that requires communication and understanding from both ends of the leash!

 During this workshop we aim to address:

– Motivation and methodology
– Selecting and sourcing the scent
– Creating confidence & finding focus

Cost of workshop: €95.00* per combination of one dog and one handler. (Price includes refreshments, a certificate of attendance and a goodie bag.)

*€85.00 for past or present Nero Dog Training private clients.

Cost of spectator: €25.00 per person.

Fancy joining in the fun? Join us on:

Sunday 22nd September 2019 from 10.30am – 1.30pm – SOLD OUT

Sunday 6th October 2019 from 10.30am – 1.30pm – SOLD OUT

Sunday 3rd November 2019 from 10.30am – 1.30pm – SIGN UP NOW!

Location: Manege de Ruif, located in Amsterdam.

SIGN UP: If you would like to join us for any of our workshops, please drop an email over to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl.

Please note: Drop an email over to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl. Please include your dogs age, breed and name as well as your own name and home address. Spaces are limited!


Raising a puppy can be tough. Continuing training when a dog reaches the teen-stage tends to be even more challenging! Selective hearing, over excited greetings, sudden loss of focus etc. The adolescent adventure is one that needs navigation! During our workshop you can expect to address and participate in exercises including but not limited to:

– Human and dog greetings
– Social learning
– “Leave it!”
–  Recall
–  Arousal
–  Circuit training
–  Thresholds – Patience and criteria
– Luring techniques to improve your training
– Husbandry training

WHO? Our weekend workshop is ideal for dogs aged 9 months – 24 months old.

WHEN? Saturday 12th October: 11.00am – 1.30pm & Sunday 13th October: 11.00am – 1.30pm. SOLD OUT

Saturday 30th November: 11.00am – 1.30pm & Sunday 1st December: 11.00am – 1.30pm

WHERE? Sloterplas, Amsterdam.

COST? ️Nero Network discount (for past and present private clients) – 145.00 EUR (inclusive of 21% BTW) – Non-Nero clients – 165.00 EUR (inclusive of 21% BTW)

Please note – the weekend workshop is not suited for dogs showing human or dog aggression (unless the dog has worked previously with or is currently training under the guidance of Nero Dog Training and has been confirmed with Harlie.)

SIGN UP – send an email to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl with your address, dogs name, age and breed.


Calling all you city canines! Our unique workshop course is ideal for dogs aged six months and over.

We aim to teach our owners how to train their woofers in a manner that uses their surroundings to their advantage.

By being more interesting and creative in our approach, we can build our dog’s desire to engage with us. Combining conscious consideration, mixing motivation and proofing behaviours with distractions means we set our dogs up for success!

– 3D training

– Barkour & body awareness

– Communication & confidence

– Impulse & interactions

– Free work & settling

 – Recall & emergency stop

WHEN? Our Urban Dog Class workshop will be held on Sunday 8th September 10.000am – 12.30pm. SOLD OUT

WHERE? Sloterplas Amsterdam – yes, this workshop is always outdoors so we can practice in “real life”!

COST: €75.00* (inclusive of 21% BTW)

Cost of spectator: €15.00 per person

*€65.00 for past or present Nero Dog Training private clients.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Drop an email over to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl. Please include your dogs age, breed and name as well as your own name and home address. Spaces are limited!


INTRODUCING PROFESSIONAL PAWS: A first-of-it’s-kind workshop designed for employers and companies offering or considering a dog-friendly policy in the work place.

Nero Dog Training is proud to have created this new service aimed to achieve harmony between humans and hounds within the work environment. Our goal is to educate those companies who already welcome a wet nose into their world of work as well as those that are considering introducing a pet friendly policy.

Such polices have increased dramatically in popularity these past few years. Studies suggest that sharing the office with a canine significantly reduces stress of employees and increases work productivity and morale. Whilst permitting dogs into the work place has many benefits, it also comes with its challenges. Both employees and employer have a duty of responsibility to maintain an excellent standard of safety and performance at work as well as ensuring their canine companions are content. That’s where we come in….

During the workshop, attendees can expect to learn and discuss in detail:

-Creating a code of canine conduct

-The do’s and dont’s of bringing your dog to work

-How to set dogs and colleagues up for success

-Safety and the legal side

Each attendee will receive an informative guide of topics discussed during the workshop as well as a chance to ask a professional dog trainer questions related to their specific situation in the work environment.

If you’re interested in hosting this workshop and would like more information, simply send an email over to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl and we will get back to you shortly! If you intend on ‘buttering up’ your boss to allow dogs at your place of work, forward this to them and let us do the rest!



Yep, you read that right!
Amsterdam is a stunning city complete with many dogs. We’re very lucky to do much of our business in such a beautiful place. However…those that have visited or whom live in the capital will be aware that there is a real poop problem in the streets and parks. Maybe your dog or puppy became ill due to ingesting another dog’s pile up? Perhaps you’ve stepped in doo-doo on your way to work? Or do you avoid walking in certain areas due to the dog mess? It’s pretty obvious there are plenty neglecting their responsibilities as a dog owner.
We’re big believers that actions speak louder than words and in leading by example. By hosting poo parties every so often, we hope to spark a movement. Our plan is to gather as many volunteers as possible (The Nero Network – looking at you lot) and go and clean up for one hour. Indeed, it’s gross but ultimately we can make a difference.
At the end of the party, we will weigh all the bags of poop collected. We will forward our results to the local council and hope together we can combat this issue once and for all.
Did you know? In our first ever poo party, we collected 13.5 KG of poo in one hour! YES, THAT MUCH!
WHEN? Our second poo party is scheduled at 7.00pm – 8.00pm on Thursday 19th September 2019.
WHERE? Erasmuspark, Amsterdam.

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Drop an email over to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl