So, you think your dog has a keen sense of smell? Ever wondered how the airport or police canines are trained?

Nero Dog Training has created an all new dog detection day for canines and their owners! Having recently passed her dog detection handler course in England, Harlie is more eager than ever to get owners working WITH their dogs to share the benefits and value that scent work brings. It’s a team excercise that requires communication and understanding from both ends of the leash and is a fast growing sport within the canine industry!

 During this workshop we aim to address:

– Motivation and methodology
– Selecting and sourcing the scent
– Creating confidence & finding focus


Raising a puppy can be tough. Continuing training when a dog reaches the teen-stage tends to be even more challenging! Selective hearing, over excited greetings, sudden loss of focus etc. The adolescent adventure is one that needs navigation! During our workshop you can expect to address and participate in exercises including but not limited to:

– Human and dog greetings
– Social learning
– “Leave it!”
–  Recall –  Arousal
–  Circuit training – Leash manners
–  Thresholds – Patience and criteria
– Luring techniques to improve your training
– Husbandry training

* Due to the current Covid19 global crisis, all Nero Dog Training private training sessions, classes and workshops are postponed until further notice. Despite the situation, we have successfully adapted our services to offer online training! If you want to find out more, have a sniff here!

We are abiding strictly by the latest government guidelines and will update the website accordingly. As always, the health, safety and well- being of our clients and their dogs remains our utmost priority and we are eager for the moment we can resume working in person with you.


A POO PARTY? Yep, you read that right! Amsterdam is a stunning city complete with many dogs. We’re very lucky to do much of our business in such a beautiful place. However…those that have visited or whom live in the capital will be aware that there is a real poop problem in the streets and parks. Maybe your dog or puppy became ill due to ingesting another dog’s pile up? Perhaps you’ve stepped in doo-doo on your way to work? Or do you avoid walking in certain areas due to the dog mess? It’s pretty obvious there are plenty neglecting their responsibilities as a dog owner.

We’re big believers that actions speak louder than words and in leading by example. By hosting poo parties every so often, we hope to spark a movement. Our plan is to gather as many volunteers as possible (The Nero Network – looking at you lot) and go and clean up for one hour. Indeed, it’s gross but ultimately we can make a difference.
At the end of the party, we will weigh all the bags of poop collected. We will forward our results to the local council and hope together we can combat this issue once and for all.
Did you know? In our first ever poo party, we collected 13.5 KG of poo in one hour! YES, THAT MUCH!

HOW DO I SIGN UP? Drop an email over to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl