So, you think your dog has a keen sense of smell? Ever wondered how the airport or police canines are trained? How does the handler translate what the dog is communicating?

After passing her UKCSD dog detection handler course in England and gaining her WSDA membership, Harlie is more eager than ever to get owners working WITH their dogs to share the benefits and value that scent work brings. It’s a team excercise that requires communication and understanding from both ends of the leash and is a fast growing sport within the canine industry!

(* Due to popular request, we will be hosting weekly detection classes very soon. The Dog Detection Day workshop is a great way of introducing detection to your dog and seeing if you both enjoy the process.)

 During this workshop we aim to address:

– Motivation and methodology
– Selecting and sourcing the scent
– Creating confidence & finding focus

WHEN? New dates will be announced soon!

WHERE? Manege De Ruif, Sloterweg 675, 1066 CA Amsterdam

COST? €175.00 (inclusive of 21% BTW)

€145.00 (inclusive of 21% BTW) for Nero Network members

*Price includes workshop, a mini detection starter kit and refreshments.

HOW TO ENROLL? Drop an email with your dogs name, age and breed to harlie@nerodogtraining.nl